The world-known manufacturer of medium and heavy equipment classes is the North American company International. It is was founded in 1902 as a manufacturer of agricultural machinery, the company with the twenties of the last century come to grips with the powerful production truck, which soon became widely popular in the United States, and throughout the world.

Today, under the name INTERNATIONAL produces not only the heavy side trucks and truck tractors, wheel loaders, truck roads, trucks, mixers and other trucks, which became the dream of every professional driver, not only at home but in many countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Company International has the highest ratio of exports to its competitors because of high reliability, endurance, payload capacity and comfort of hundreds of versions of the model number of technology companies.

The most recent sale advertisements for INTERNATIONAL vehicles

01/2007 365 HP 29498 km €115,000≈ $124,257
Netherlands, Lienden
mobile home
01/2007 29498 km €115,000≈ $124,257
Netherlands, Lienden
square baler
Ukraine, Rovno
grain truck
1995 543000 km negotiated
USA, Memphis
square baler
€2,000≈ $2,161
Lithuania, kupiškis
square baler
Ukraine, Kovel
dump truck
2005 725811 km negotiated
USA, Memphis
01/1977 negotiated
drilling rig
1999 auctionnegotiated
United Arab Emirates, Dubai
dump truck
1980 1799 km €16,500≈ $17,828
Romania, Bihor
wheel tractor
7535 m/h negotiated
Netherlands, Krabbendijke
wheel tractor
1980 7500 m/h €4,800≈ $5,186
Romania, Suceava
wheel tractor
65 HP 3275 m/h €5,000≈ $5,402
Netherlands, VEGHEL
vacuum truck
V=8 m³
06/2006 250000 km €11,500≈ $12,426
Belgium, Meer
flatbed truck
load capacity8650 kg, V=6.64 m³
1998 175 HP 568311 km €29,180≈ $31,529
Russia, Moskva
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