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Moyersoen are domestic and international brokers in moveable goods with more than 20 years of professional experience. We are court experts and assessors in auctions, appraisals, and intermediaries in re-possessions.

We look after your needs - "when you want to take that extra step "

Moyersoen brings continuous solutions details » to the ever increasing complex and varied needs of its clients, namely receivers and trustees, lawyers, bankers, judicial officers, redeemers of collateral, liquidators, leasing firms, company auditors, accountants,… Moyersoen creates added value for its clients by working out "best-fit" solutions, services, and "problem solving".

Moyersoen is a multifunctional organisation operating with creative collaborators that individually or collectively as a team assist the client with specific solution to his problems.

The investments made by Moyersoen on an on-going basis are aimed at the continuation of a lasting relationship.

Consider Moyersoen your ideal partner.
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Contacts Moyersoen NV:
Belgium, Antwerp, B-2630, Aartselaar, Helststraat 47
Dealer's local time: 18:06 (CEST)
In stock: 9 units
Dealer with Autoline since November 2013
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Year Power Mileage Price
load capacity3500 kg
1998 4983 m/h auction€24,200≈ $26,344
Belgium, Aartselaar
hook lift
1997 865189 km auction€19,360≈ $21,075
Belgium, Aartselaar
tractor unit
2001 530742 km auction€38,720≈ $42,151
Belgium, Aartselaar
closed box van
1997 164861 km auction€484≈ $527
Belgium, Aartselaar
closed box van
euro - 3
2004 100.68 HP 111754 km auction€2,130≈ $2,319
Belgium, Aartselaar
closed box truck
1996 255542 km auction€8,470≈ $9,220
Belgium, Aartselaar
closed box van
2010 160318 km auction€6,413≈ $6,981
Belgium, Aartselaar
mast climbing platform
2003 142402 km auction€6,050≈ $6,586
Belgium, Aartselaar
closed box van
2008 175299 km auction€3,388≈ $3,688
Belgium, Aartselaar
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