DAF XF105-410 tractor unit

DAF XF105-410 tractor unit
Photo: DAF XF105-410 tractor unit
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Net price
≈ $16,958
Brand DAF
Model XF105-410
Type tractor unit
First registration 03/2008
Mileage 938987 km
Net weight 8000 kg
Location Netherlands Meerkerk
Placed on more than 1 month
Autoline ID DX10684
Power 408 HP (299.89 kW)
Fuel diesel
Volume 12902 cm³
Number of cylinders 6
Euro V
Brand ZF
Axles 3
Axle configuration 6x2
Suspension spring/air
Lifting axis
Type SuperSpace
Air conditioner
Climate control
Autoradio CD
Cruise control (tempomat)
Powered windows
Electrically operated mirrors
Fog lights
Sun visor
Additional equipment
Fuel tank 2 units
Registration number DA807628
More details:
Aluminium-Kraftstofftank, Dachspoiler, Kühlschrank, Radio/CD-Spieler, Schlafkabine, Sonnenschutzklappe, Standklimaanlage
Vorderachse: Federung: Blattfederung; Refenmaß: 385X65X22.5; Reifen Profil links außen: 40%; Reifen Profil rechts außen: 40%
Hinterachse 1: Federung: Luftfederung; Liftachse; Refenmaß: 245X70X17,5; Reifen Profil links außen: 30%; Reifen Profil rechts außen: 30%
Hinterachse 2: Federung: Luftfederung; Refenmaß: 295X80X22.5; Reifen Profil links außen: 30%; Reifen Profil links innnerhalb: 30%; Reifen Profil rechts außen: 30%; Reifen Profil rechts innerhalb: 30%
Kabine: SUPERSPACE, Schlafkabine
Aluminium fuel tank, Radio/CD player, Refrigerator, Roof spoiler, Sleeper cab, Stationary air conditioning, Visor
Front axle: Suspension: leaf suspension; Tyre size: 385X65X22.5; Tyre profile left outer: 40%; Tyre profile right outer: 40%
Rear axle 1: Suspension: air suspension; Lift axle; Tyre size: 245X70X17,5; Tyre profile left outer: 30%; Tyre profile right outer: 30%
Rear axle 2: Suspension: air suspension; Tyre size: 295X80X22.5; Tyre profile left outer: 30%; Tyre profile left inner: 30%; Tyre profile right outer: 30%
Cab: SUPERSPACE, sleep
Aluminium brandstoftank, Dakspoiler, Koelkast, Radio/CD speler, Slaapcabine, Standairconditioning, Zonneklep
Vooras: Vering: bladvering; Bandenmaat: 385X65X22.5; Bandenprofiel linksbuiten: 40%; Bandenprofiel rechtsbuiten: 40%
Achteras 1: Vering: luchtvering; Liftas; Bandenmaat: 245X70X17,5; Bandenprofiel linksbuiten: 30%; Bandenprofiel rechtsbuiten: 30%
Achteras 2: Vering: luchtvering; Bandenmaat: 295X80X22.5; Bandenprofiel linksbuiten: 30%; Bandenprofiel linksbinnen: 30%; Bandenprofiel rechtsbuiten: 30%; Bandenprofiel rechtsbinnen: 30%
Cabine: SUPERSPACE, slaap
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