New MERCEDES-BENZ Sprinter 524 | 519 | VIP armoured bulletproof passenger van

new MERCEDES-BENZ Sprinter 524 | 519 | VIP armoured bulletproof passenger van
Photo: new MERCEDES-BENZ Sprinter 524 | 519 | VIP armoured bulletproof passenger van
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Net price
≈ $551,055
Type passenger van
Year of manufacture new
Seats 2
Location Germany Minden
Placed on Mar 15, 2017
Autoline ID LD7983
Power 258 HP (189.64 kW)
Euro V
Particulate filter
Power steering
Cruise control (tempomat)
Powered windows
More details: german
Anzahl der Türen: 4/5,
Innenausstattung: Vollleder,
Verfügbarkeit: In 4 Monaten ab Bestellung,
modelName: Sprinter,
countryVersion: Deutsche Ausführung,
Isofix (Kindersitzbefestigung),
Elektr. Seitenspiegel,
Discover the genuine workspace of this luxurious vehicle. Highest available quality,
safety and the inner upholstery with unique features like electrically-deployed writing tables,
Multimedia System,
LCD-screen provide a perfect work environment.,
The breathtaking hand-made vehicle interior is designed to meet your every need. You can use your precious time purposefully during long trips or in dense urban traffic. Feel safe by enjoying a fully developed discret integrated armouring - providing a feeling of relief.,
All work 100% Made in Germany.,
Fully armoured to level VPAM 7 / Stanag Level 1 / B6 - FB6,
The vehicle agrees in its transparent and opaque perimeter areas to armoured levels of the common European standards. The roof protects identically at a shot offset angle of 45° according to the European standards. The floor protects against penetrations by fragments of a two hand grenades.,
Armouring VPAM Level 7 ,
The passenger cabin is protected according to protection VPAM Level 7 including all sidewalls,
front bulkhead (firewall),
Ballistic steel,
being used is tested steel.,
All passenger doors are fitted with 100% overlap system which provides maximum strength retention to prevent penetration through door posts & pillars.,
Transparent armor is multilayer bullet resistant glass with polycarbonate film,
virtually eliminating the spall effect.,
The vehicle resembles a normal civilian vehicle low profile - meaning that the vehicle is nearly visually identical to a standard vehicle.,
Shoot - tests were done by official German Ministry for Ballistic Certifications.,
Transparent armor ,
The passenger cabin is protected with transparent bullet resistant glass according to protection,
VPAM Level 7 including the following windows:,
2 front doors,
2 rear passenger doors,
Rear window,
Glass includes UV protection film,
Floor armor ,
Floor is fitted with blast protection (ballistic steel) to protect occupants against fragmentation from simultaneous detonation of 2x type DM 51 German ordnance hand grenades or equivalent.,
Roof armor ,
Roof protects against 45° degree angle shots against 7.62 x 51mm in accordance with VPAM Level 7,
Fuel tank protection ,
Fuel tank is protected (inside & outside),
Armored Battery ,
The battery and the ECU are protected with ballistic steel according to protection VPAM Level 7,
Suspension ,
To guarantee reliability and road safety,
Door hinges ,
All door hinges are replaced by self developed heavy duty door hinges,
able to cover the additional weight of the armored doors. Special pillar reinforcement support the door hinges for all doors.,
If you have further questions,
we are available to you.,
Andreas Diewert,
Tel.: 0049 571 64 65 68 9,
Mobil: 0049 160 90 80 40 00
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