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Curtain side semi-trailers for rent: 16 ads

KRONE Profiliner SDP 27   Vermietung curtain side semi-trailer
USD ≈ $28,587
Volume V=91.46 m³ Suspension air/air
Year 2019-01 Mileage Load cap. 29270 kg
Germany, Dorsten
new KÖGEL Vermietung Plane u. Spriegel, Liftachse, Edscha curtain side semi-trailer
Suspension air/air
Year 2019-03 Mileage Load cap.
Germany, Paderborn
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SCHMITZ CARGOBULL MEGA SCS 24/L-13.62, VARIOS, PN 100015 curtain side semi-trailer
USD ≈ $13,122
Suspension air/air
Year 2013-12 Mileage Load cap. 32000 kg
Czechia, Klecany
KRONE Megatrailer Hubdach Edscha, PN 112276 curtain side semi-trailer
USD ≈ $17,159
Suspension air/air
Year 2016-09 Mileage Load cap.
Czechia, Klecany
FLIEGL Edtscha curtain side semi-trailer
USD ≈ $7,839
Suspension air/air
Year 2013-01 Mileage Load cap.
Germany, Nussloch
new SCHMITZ CARGOBULL Curtainsider Universal SCS 24/L - 13.62 E B curtain side semi-trailer
USD ≈ $26,793
Volume V=90.52 m³
Year Mileage Load cap.
Germany, Burghaun/Gruben
KRONE SDP27, trailer and semi trailer rental curtain side semi-trailer
Year 01/2018 Mileage Load cap.
Lithuania, Gargždai
KRONE SD curtain side semi-trailer
€365 / month PLN USD PLN19,900 ≈ $5,254
Suspension air/air
Year 2007-07-31 Mileage 490000 km Load cap. 28190 kg
Poland, Mroków
KRONE MEGA LINER XL curtain side semi-trailer
€399 / month USD ≈ $409
Volume V=101.33 m³ Suspension air/air
Year 03/2008 Mileage Load cap.
Poland, Komorniki
KRONE SDP 27 curtain side semi-trailer
€435 / month PLN USD PLN22,000 ≈ $5,808
Suspension air/air
Year 2008 Mileage Load cap.
Poland, Środa Śląska
KRONE Profi Liner curtain side semi-trailer
€388 / month PLN USD PLN28,500 ≈ $7,524
Suspension air/air
Year 2011-09 Mileage Load cap.
Poland, Kępina
SCHMITZ CARGOBULL curtain side semi-trailer
Year 2007-01-01 Mileage Load cap.
Spain, La Muela
FLIEGL COILMULDE curtain side semi-trailer
PLN USD PLN44,900 ≈ $11,854
Suspension air/air
Year 2015 Mileage Load cap.
ORTHAUS Kurtyna - Wynajem od 12 euro netto/dzień  curtain side semi-trailer
USD ≈ $24,505
Volume V=90 m³ Suspension air/air Fifth wheel height 1100 mm
Year 2019 Mileage Load cap.
Poland, Łódź
ORTHAUS Kurtyna -Mega- Wynajem curtain side semi-trailer
USD ≈ $26,748
Volume V=100 m³ Suspension air/air Fifth wheel height 940 mm
Year 2019 Mileage Load cap.
Poland, Łódź
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