Pneumatic precision seed drills from CIS

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Pneumatic precision seed drills: 4 ads

спп 8 pneumatic precision seed drill
€3,256 RUB USD RUB230,000 ≈ $3,651
Year 2012 Mileage Seeding depth
Russia, Voronezhskaya obl., g. Ostrogozhsk
MONOSEM MECA-12R pneumatic precision seed drill
$30,900 EUR ≈ €27,550
Year 2014 Mileage Seeding depth
Belarus, g. Grodno
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HASSIA 8-MS pneumatic precision seed drill
$5,500 EUR ≈ €4,904
Year 2001 Mileage Seeding depth
Belarus, Pinsk
new СТВ - 8К pneumatic precision seed drill
€6,526 BYN USD BYN15,060 ≈ $7,320
Working width 4.86 m Number of rows 8 Row spacing 600 mm Capacity 3.844 ha/hour Volume of the tank 224 l Operating speed 8 km/h Required tractor power 90 HP
Year 2019 Mileage Seeding depth
Belarus, Minskaya oblast, Minskiy rayon
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