New Sauer-Danfoss axial piston pump for asphalt paver

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Type axial piston pump
Part number Sauer Danfoss
Catalog number of the original DANFOSS POWER SOLUTIONS (formerly Sauer Danfoss) UNITS: SPV15 SPV24 SPV2/089 SMF18 SMF25 SMF2/119 SMV23 SMV2/070 90P030 90P180 90L130 90R100 90M055 90V030 90V180 SMV4/046 MPT025 MM4046 42R046 45L075 51V080 51D110 OPV1/052 OMF1/070 SPV18 SPV25 SPV2/119 SMF20 SMF26 SMF2/166 SMV24 SMV2/089 90P042 90P250 90L250 90R130 90M075 90V042 90V250 AMV21 MMF025 MMF046 45P057 TMM070 51V110 51D160 OPV1/070 PVG32 SPV20 SPV26 SPV2/166 SMF21 SMF2/033 SMF2/227 SMV25 SMV2/119 90P055 90L042 90R030 90R180 90M100 90V055 TPV1/038 AMV22 MPV035 MPV046 45L057 TMM089 51V160 51D250 OMF1/015 PVG140 SPV21 SPV2/033 SPV2/227 SMF22 SMF2/052 SMV20 SMV26 SMV2/166 90P075 90L055 90R042 90R250 90M130 90V075 TPV15 AMV23 MPT035 MPT046 45R057 TMP070 51V250 OPV1/015 OMF1/023 PVG160 SPV22 SPV2/052 SPV2/334 SMF23 SMF2/070 SMV21 SMV2/033 SMV2/227 90P100 90L075 90R055 90M030 90M180 90V100 TPV4/046 AMV24 MMF035 42P046 45P074 TMP089 51D060 OPV1/023 OMF1/038 PVG SPV23 SPV2/070 SMF15 SMF24 SMF2/089 SMV22 SMV2/052 SMF4/046 90P130 90L100 90R075 90M042 90M250 90V130 SPV4/046 MPV025 MMV035 42L046 45R074 51V060 51D080 OPV1/038 OMF1/052
Year of manufacture 2020
Location Germany Schkeuditz
Placed on more than 1 month
Autoline ID GG21925
Condition new
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