CARRIER 05K/4 CYL. MAXIMA /SUPRA 18-00063-32 compressor

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Type compressor
Location Portugal Rio Maior
Placed on yesterday
Autoline ID UQ16405
Condition used
More details: Portuguese
Titulo / Descr: COMPRESSOR CARRIER 05K/4 CYL. MAXIMA / SUPRA 18-00063-32
Marca / Make: Carrier
Modelo /Type: 05K/4
Opções/Opti: Microprocessador, motor electrico, acessórios

05K/4, 05 K / 4, 05-K /4
Weight: 50 kg
Maxima 1000, Maxima1000, Maxima-1000
Maxima 1200, Maxima1200, Maxima-1200
Maxima 1200 Mt, Maxima1200Mt, Maxima-1200 Mt
Maxima II, MaximaII, Maxima-II, Maxima 2, Maxima2, Maxima-2
Maxima Plus, MaximaPlus, Maxima-Plus, Maxima +, Maxima+
Supra 822, Supra822, Supra-822
Supra 844, Supra844, Supra-844
Supra 822, Supra822, Supra-822 model 98
Supra 844, Supra844, Supra-844 model 98
Catalog number:
18-60007-02, 186000702, 18-6000702
18-00063-02, 180006302, 18-0006302
18-00063-31RM, 180006331RM, 18-0006331RM
18-00063-31SV, 180006331SV, 18-0006331SV
18-00063-32, 180006332, 18-0006332

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Product description

Offer from "PERALTA & COUTINHO S.A." company on the Autoline marketplace:
CARRIER 05K/4 CYL. MAXIMA /SUPRA 18-00063-32 compressor, used, negotiable price.
The seller can be contacted via email or by phone. You can clarify any details about the purchase, payment, and delivery from the seller.
Compressor is located at the following address: Portugal, Santarém District, Rio Maior, 2040-337, Quinta Do Sanguinhal, Zona Industrial LT65-85.
Autoline also offers all needed other construction equipment parts: hydraulic pumps, engines, axles, hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders.
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