RENAULT KERAX 410 DXI + BETON MIXER concrete mixer truck

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Net price
≈ $40,990
Gross price
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Type concrete mixer truck
First registration 2010-03-25
Mileage 195433 km
Load capacity 18740 kg
Gross weight 32000 kg
Net weight 13260 kg
Location Belgium Handzame
Placed on more than 1 month
Seller stock ID E49124
Concrete mixer brand Baryval
Brand Renault 6verticaux en ligne
Power 300 kW (408 HP)
Volume 10837 cm³
Number of cylinders 6
Euro Euro 4
Brand ZF
Type manual
Number of gears 16
Number of axles 4
Axle configuration 8x4
Suspension spring/spring
Wheelbase 2000 mm
Front axle
Tyre size 13 R22.5
Rear axle
Tyre size 13 R22.5
Air conditioner
Powered windows
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Condition used
Colour white
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Applicable material: Concrete
Tyre size: 13R22,5
Axle 2: Steering
Axle 3: Double wheels
Axle 4: Double wheels
Drive: Wheel
Make of bodywork: BARYVAL
Verwendbares Material: Beton
Refenmaß: 13R22,5
Achse 2: Gelenkt
Achse 3: Doppelbereift
Achse 4: Doppelbereift
Antrieb: Rad
Marke des Aufbaus: BARYVAL
Gældende materiale: Beton
Dækstørrelse: 13R22,5
Aksel 2: Styretøj
Aksel 3: Dobbelthjul
Aksel 4: Dobbelthjul
Drivanordning: Hjul
Karosserifabrikat: BARYVAL
Material de aplicación: Hormigón
Tamaño del neumático: 13R22,5
Eje 2: Dirección
Eje 3: Ruedas dobles
Eje 4: Ruedas dobles
Propulsión: Rueda
Marca carrocería: BARYVAL
Matériel d'application: Béton
Dimension des pneus: 13R22,5
Essieu 2: Direction
Essieu 3: Roues jumelées
Essieu 4: Roues jumelées
Commande: Roue
Marque de construction: BARYVAL
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Toepassingsmateriaal: Beton
Bandenmaat: 13R22,5
As 2: Meesturend
As 3: Dubbellucht
As 4: Dubbellucht
Aandrijving: Wiel
Merk opbouw: BARYVAL
Motorbouw: 6L
Staat banden links op as 1: 0%-25%
Staat banden links op as 2: 26%-50%
Staat banden links op as 3: 26%-50%
Staat banden links op as 4: 0%-25%
Staat banden rechts op as 1: 0%-25%
Staat banden rechts op as 2: 26%-50%
Staat banden rechts op as 3: 0%-25%
Staat banden rechts op as 4: 0%-25%
Leverbaar: In Frankrijk
Zastosowany materiał: Beton
Rozmiar opon: 13R22,5
Oś 2: Układ kierowniczy
Oś 3: Koła podwójne
Oś 4: Koła podwójne
Napęd: Koło
Marka konstrukcji: BARYVAL
Используемый материал: Бетон
Размер шин: 13R22,5
Ось 2: Рулевое управление
Ось 3: Двойные колеса
Ось 4: Двойные колеса
Привод: Колесо
Марка кузова: BARYVAL
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Product description

New offer from the "BRAEM NV/SA" company at Autoline:
RENAULT KERAX 410 DXI + BETON MIXER concrete mixer truck, used, registered in 2010, mileage 195433 km, price: €37,950 (Net price), colour - white.
Concrete mixer truck has a load capacity of 18740 kg, gross weight is 32000 kg, net weight - 13260 kg, concrete mixer brand - Baryval.
Renault 6verticaux en ligne engine: power 300 kW (408 HP), volume 10837 cm³, 6 cylinders, complies with the standard Euro 4..
Gearboxes: ZF, 16 gears, manual.
Additional equipment for driving comfort: powered windows For driver's comfort, in the cabin of concrete mixer truck there are air conditioner.
You can contact the seller via email or by phone. Feel free to ask the seller any questions about anything concerning the purchase, payment, and delivery.
Concrete mixer truck location - Belgium, West-Flandres, Handzame, B-8610, Handzaamse Nieuwstraat 7. The company's venue can be viewed on Google Street View.
Any concrete equipment parts are also for sale: repair kits, pistons, hydraulic pumps, spectacle wear plates, engines.
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