NOOTEBOOM Container chassis 2-assig/kipper/20ft container chassis semi-trailer

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Gross price
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Model Container chassis 2-assig/kipper/20ft
Type container chassis semi-trailer
First registration 1978
Load capacity 20124 kg
Gross weight 27000 kg
Net weight 6876 kg
Location Netherlands Zoetermeer
Placed on Jan 27, 2020
Seller stock ID 006379
Number of axles 2
Wheelbase 6020 mm
Condition used
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= More options and accessories =

- Leaf spring suspension
- Tipper hydraulics

Number of keys: 0
Odpružení listovými pružinami
- Vyklápěcí hydraulika
= Weitere Optionen und Zubehör =

- Blattfederung
- Kipphydraulik

Anzahl der Schlüssel: 0
= Flere valgmuligheder og mere tilbehør =

- Bladaffjedring
- Tipladshydraulik

Antal nøgler: 0
= Más opciones y accesorios =

- Hidráulica de volquete
- Suspensión de ballesta

Número de llaves: 0
= Plus d'options et d'accessoires =

- Hydraulique
- Suspension à lames

Nombre de clés: 0
- Rugós felfüggesztés
Idraulica cassone ribaltabile
- Sospensione balestra
= Aanvullende opties en accessoires =

- 2-Assig
- 20 ft
- Bladvering
- BPW-Assen
- Dubbele Montage
- Kipper hydrauliek

Kleur: Niet van toepas
Aantal sleutels: 0
= Więcej opcji i akcesoriów =

- Hydraulika
- Resory

Liczba kluczyków: 0
Suspensão de molas
Suspensie pe arcuri
= Дополнительные опции и оборудование =

- Гидравлическая система самосвала
- Рессорная подвеска

Количество ключей: 0
Hydraulika vyklápača
- Odpruženie listovými pružinami
Damper hidroliği
- Yaprak yaylı süspansiyon
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Product description

Offer from "CRM Trucks & Trailers BV" company:
NOOTEBOOM Container chassis 2-assig/kipper/20ft container chassis semi-trailer, used, registered in 1978, price: €4,500 (Net price).
Semi-trailer has a load capacity of 20124 kg, gross weight is 27000 kg, net weight - 6876 kg.
The seller can be contacted via email or by phone. The seller will answer all your questions.
Semi-trailer is located at the following address: Netherlands, Zuid-Holland, Zoetermeer, 2718, Berkelseweg 15. You can view the company's venue on Google Street View.
Autoline also offers all needed semi-trailer parts: axles, beam springs, wheel hubs, EBS modulators, leaf springs.
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