RENDERS Container Transport container chassis semi-trailer

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Net price
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Gross price
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Model Container Transport
Type container chassis semi-trailer
First registration 2008-07-02
Load capacity 32610 kg
Gross weight 39000 kg
Net weight 6390 kg
Location Belgium Hooglede-Gits
Placed on Feb 09, 2020
Seller stock ID TC43305
Brand BPW
Number of axles 3
Rear axle
Tyre size 385/55 R22.5
Condition used
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Tyre size: 385/55 R22.5
Brakes: disc brakes
Suspension: air suspension
Rear axle 1: Steering; Tyre profile left: 5%; Tyre profile right: 50%
Rear axle 2: Tyre profile left: 80%; Tyre profile right: 80%
Rear axle 3: Steering; Tyre profile left: 20%; Tyre profile right: 25%
Refenmaß: 385/55 R22.5
Bremsen: Scheibenbremsen
Federung: Luftfederung
Hinterachse 1: Gelenkt; Reifen Profil links: 5%; Reifen Profil rechts: 50%
Hinterachse 2: Reifen Profil links: 80%; Reifen Profil rechts: 80%
Hinterachse 3: Gelenkt; Reifen Profil links: 20%; Reifen Profil rechts: 25%
Dækstørrelse: 385/55 R22.5
Bremser: skivebremser
Affjedring: luftaffjedring
Bagaksel 1: Styretøj; Dækprofil venstre: 5%; Dækprofil højre: 50%
Bagaksel 2: Dækprofil venstre: 80%; Dækprofil højre: 80%
Bagaksel 3: Styretøj; Dækprofil venstre: 20%; Dækprofil højre: 25%
Tamaño del neumático: 385/55 R22.5
Frenos: frenos de disco
Suspensión: suspensión neumática
Eje trasero 1: Dirección; Dibujo del neumático izquierda: 5%; Dibujo del neumático derecha: 50%
Eje trasero 2: Dibujo del neumático izquierda: 80%; Dibujo del neumático derecha: 80%
Eje trasero 3: Dirección; Dibujo del neumático izquierda: 20%; Dibujo del neumático derecha: 25%
Dimension des pneus: 385/55 R22.5
Freins: freins à disque
Suspension: suspension pneumatique
Essieu arrière 1: Direction; Sculptures des pneus gauche: 5%; Sculptures des pneus droite: 50%
Essieu arrière 2: Sculptures des pneus gauche: 80%; Sculptures des pneus droite: 80%
Essieu arrière 3: Direction; Sculptures des pneus gauche: 20%; Sculptures des pneus droite: 25%
45 voet
40 voet
2x 20 voet
30 voet
X steering

Bandenmaat: 385/55 R22.5
Remmen: schijfremmen
Vering: luchtvering
Achteras 1: Meesturend; Bandenprofiel links: 5%; Bandenprofiel rechts: 50%
Achteras 2: Bandenprofiel links: 80%; Bandenprofiel rechts: 80%
Achteras 3: Meesturend; Bandenprofiel links: 20%; Bandenprofiel rechts: 25%
Rozmiar opon: 385/55 R22.5
Hamulce: hamulce tarczowe
Zawieszenie: zawieszenie pneumatyczne
Oś tylna 1: Układ kierowniczy; Profil opon lewa: 5%; Profil opon prawa: 50%
Oś tylna 2: Profil opon lewa: 80%; Profil opon prawa: 80%
Oś tylna 3: Układ kierowniczy; Profil opon lewa: 20%; Profil opon prawa: 25%
Размер шин: 385/55 R22.5
Тормоза: дисковые тормоза
Подвеска: пневматическая подвеска
Задний мост 1: Рулевое управление; Профиль шин слева: 5%; Профиль шин справа: 50%
Задний мост 2: Профиль шин слева: 80%; Профиль шин справа: 80%
Задний мост 3: Рулевое управление; Профиль шин слева: 20%; Профиль шин справа: 25%
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New offer from the "The Truck Company" company at Autoline:
RENDERS Container Transport container chassis semi-trailer, used, registered in 2008, price: €5,250 (Net price).
Semi-trailer has a load capacity of 32610 kg, gross weight is 39000 kg, net weight - 6390 kg.
You can contact the seller via email, whatsapp, viber, messenger or by phone. The seller will answer all your questions.
Semi-trailer location - Belgium, West-Flandres, Hooglede-Gits, 8830, Bruggesteenweg 223. You can view the company's venue on Google Street View.
Autoline also offers all needed semi-trailer parts: axles, beam springs, wheel hubs, leaf springs, EBS modulators.
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