MTU 16 V 396 engine engine for other generator

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Type engine
Part number 5590170
First registration 1984-01-01
Running hours 955 m/h
Location Netherlands Ridderkerk
Placed on more than 1 month
Autoline ID FD15753
Fuel diesel
Condition used
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Generator capacity: 1.875,0 kVA
General condition: good
Technical condition: good
Visual appearance: good
Serial number: 5590170
Generatorleistung: 1.875,0 kVA
Allgemeiner Zustand: gut
Technischer Zustand: gut
Optischer Zustand: gut
Seriennummer: 5590170
Generatorkapacitet: 1.875,0 kVA
Overordnet stand: god
Teknisk stand: god
Visuelt udseende: god
Serienummer: 5590170
Potencia del generador: 1.875,0 kVA
Estado general: bueno
Estado técnico: bueno
Estado óptico: bueno
Número de serie: 5590170
Capacité du générateur: 1.875,0 kVA
État général: bon
État technique: bon
État optique: bon
Numéro de série: 5590170
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Model engineMTU 16 V 396 engine
Advertised Horsepower2100 BHP
Standby Duty2100 BHP @ 1500 RPM @ 1560 Kw
Power1875 Kva cont. duty
Engine serial number5590170
Year of Build1984

= Bedrijfsinformatie =

The Dutch Engine and Pump Company (DEP) is a trading company with a large stock of various products. Our range has its foundations in our history and know-how gained over many years, and includes engines, pumps, generators and all kinds of equipment for heavy industry.

A one-stop-shop for builders, engineers and industries looking for a solution to their problems. As far as pumping issues, firefighters, road workers, offshore and onshore or even chemical industries are concerned, we have exactly what you are looking for.

“We have it, we find it or build it for you.”

Tel: +31 (0) 85 902 1011

= Meer informatie =

Generatorvermogen: 1.875,0 kVA
Algemene staat: goed
Technische staat: goed
Optische staat: goed
Serienummer: 5590170
Staat van het elektrische systeem: Goed
Staat van de constructie/chassis/lassen: Goed
Staat van de uitlaatsysteem: Goed
Moc generatora: 1.875,0 kVA
Stan ogólny: dobrze
Stan techniczny: dobrze
Stan wizualny: dobrze
Numer serii: 5590170
Мощность генератора: 1.875,0 kVA
Общее состояние: хорошее
Техническое состояние: хорошее
Внешнее состояние: хорошее
Серийный номер: 5590170
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