DAF CF 75.250 flatbed truck

DAF CF 75.250 flatbed truck
DAF CF 75.250 flatbed truck image 2
DAF CF 75.250 flatbed truck image 3
DAF CF 75.250 flatbed truck image 4
DAF CF 75.250 flatbed truck image 5
DAF CF 75.250 flatbed truck image 6
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Brand DAF
Model CF 75.250
Type flatbed truck
Year of manufacture 01/2005
First registration 2005-09-09
Load capacity 11390 kg
Net weight 9110 kg
Gross weight 20500 kg
Location Netherlands Barneveld
Placed on Jan 12, 2023
Seller stock ID BR-JF-60
Brand DAF
Fuel diesel
Volume 9186 cm³
Number of cylinders 6
Type automatic
Number of axles 2
Axle configuration 4x2
Wheelbase 4500 mm
Additional equipment
Tail lift
Brand tail lift
Condition used
More details
= Additional options and accessories =

- Air suspension

= More information =

General condition: good
Technical condition: good
Damages: none
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Vzduchové odpružení
= Weitere Optionen und Zubehör =

- Luftfederung

= Weitere Informationen =

Allgemeiner Zustand: gut
Technischer Zustand: gut
= Flere valgmuligheder og mere tilbehør =

- Luftaffjedring

= Yderligere oplysninger =

Overordnet stand: god
Teknisk stand: god
= Más opciones y accesorios =

- Suspensión neumática

= Más información =

Estado general: bueno
Estado técnico: bueno
= Plus d'options et d'accessoires =

- Suspension pneumatique

= Plus d'informations =

État général: bon
État technique: bon
Légrugós felfüggesztés
Sospensioni pneumatiche
= Aanvullende opties en accessoires =

- Luchtvering

= Bijzonderheden =

Merk motor: DAF

= Meer informatie =

Kleur: N.v.t.
Algemene staat: goed
Technische staat: goed
Schade: schadevrij
= Więcej opcji i akcesoriów =

- Zawieszenie pneumatyczne

= Więcej informacji =

Stan ogólny: dobrze
Stan techniczny: dobrze
Suspensão pneumática
= Дополнительные опции и оборудование =

- Пневматическая подвеска

= Дополнительная информация =

Общее состояние: хорошее
Техническое состояние: хорошее
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