MAN TGA 41.360 8X4 flatbed truck

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Brand MAN
Type flatbed truck
First registration 2003
Mileage 440000 km
Load capacity 18640 kg
Gross weight 37000 kg
Net weight 18360 kg
Location Netherlands LA Breda
Placed on more than 1 month
Seller stock ID 0015317
Tool box
Power 360 HP (265 kW)
Fuel diesel
Number of cylinders 6
Euro Euro 3
Brand ZF
Type automatic
Number of gears 12
Number of axles 4
Axle configuration 8x4
Wheelbase 8480 mm
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Air conditioner
Cruise control (tempomat)
Powered windows
Electrically operated mirrors
Additional equipment
Central lubrication
Year of manufacture 2007
Condition used
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= More options and accessories =

- Air suspension
- Aluminium fuel tank
- Visor

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Cab: day
Rear axle 1: Double wheels; Reduction: hub reduction; Suspension: leaf suspension
Rear axle 2: Double wheels; Reduction: hub reduction; Suspension: leaf suspension
Dimensions of cargo space: 820 x 255 cm
Crane: CORMACH 34000E4 , year of manufacture 2007, behind the cab
Pump: Yes
General condition: good
Technical condition: good
Visual appearance: good
- Hliníková palivová nádrž
- Vzduchové odpružení
= Weitere Optionen und Zubehör =

- Aluminium-Kraftstofftank
- Luftfederung
- Sonnenschutzklappe

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Kabine: Tag
Hinterachse 1: Doppelbereift; Reduzierung: Ausenplanetenachsen
Hinterachse 2: Doppelbereift; Reduzierung: Ausenplanetenachsen
Abmessungen des Laderaums: 820 x 255 cm
Kran: CORMACH 34000E4 , Baujahr 2007, hinter der Kabine
Pumpe: Ja
Allgemeiner Zustand: gut
Technischer Zustand: gut
Optischer Zustand: gut
= Flere valgmuligheder og mere tilbehør =

- Aluminiumsbrændstoftank
- Luftaffjedring
- Solskærm

Førerhus: day cab
Bagaksel 1: Dobbelthjul; Reduktion: navreduktion
Bagaksel 2: Dobbelthjul; Reduktion: navreduktion
Mål for lastrum: 820 x 255 cm
Kran: CORMACH 34000E4 , produktionsår 2007, bag førerhuset
Pumpe: Ja
Overordnet stand: god
Teknisk stand: god
Visuelt udseende: god
= Más opciones y accesorios =

- Depósito de combustible de aluminio
- Suspensión neumática
- Visera parasol

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Cabina: día
Eje trasero 1: Ruedas dobles; Reducción: reducción de cubo
Eje trasero 2: Ruedas dobles; Reducción: reducción de cubo
Dimensiones espacio de carga: 820 x 255 cm
Grúa: CORMACH 34000E4 , año de fabricación 2007, detrás de la cabina
Bomba: Sí
Estado general: bueno
Estado técnico: bueno
Estado óptico: bueno
= Plus d'options et d'accessoires =

- Pare-soleil
- Réservoir de carburant en aluminium
- Suspension pneumatique

Cabine: jour
Essieu arrière 1: Roues jumelées; Réduction: moyeux réducteurs
Essieu arrière 2: Roues jumelées; Réduction: moyeux réducteurs
Dimensions espace de chargement: 820 x 255 cm
Grue: CORMACH 34000E4 , année de construction 2007, derrière la cabine
Pompe: Oui
État général: bon
État technique: bon
État optique: bon
Alumínium üzemanyagtartály
- Légrugós felfüggesztés
- Napellenző
- Serbatoio del carburante in alluminio
- Sospensioni pneumatiche
= Aanvullende opties en accessoires =

- Aluminium brandstoftank
- Luchtvering
- Zonneklep

DATUM 27-04-2004

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Cabine: dag
Achteras 1: Dubbellucht; Reductie: naafreductie
Achteras 2: Dubbellucht; Reductie: naafreductie
Afmetingen laadruimte: 820 x 255 cm
Kraan: CORMACH 34000E4 , bouwjaar 2007, achter de cabine
Pomp: Ja
Algemene staat: goed
Technische staat: goed
Optische staat: goed
= Więcej opcji i akcesoriów =

- Aluminiowy zbiornik na paliwo
- Osłony przeciwsłoneczne
- Zawieszenie pneumatyczne

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Kabina: dzienna
Oś tylna 1: Koła podwójne; Redukcja: redukcja piasty
Oś tylna 2: Koła podwójne; Redukcja: redukcja piasty
Wymiary ładowni: 820 x 255 cm
Żuraw: CORMACH 34000E4 , rok produkcji 2007, z tyłu kabiny
Pompa: Tak
Stan ogólny: dobrze
Stan techniczny: dobrze
Stan wizualny: dobrze
Suspensão pneumática
- Visor
= Дополнительные опции и оборудование =

- Алюминиевый топливный бак
- Пневматическая подвеска
- Солнцезащитный козырек

Кабина: кабина без спального места (day)
Задний мост 1: Двойные колеса; Редуктор: редуктор ступицы
Задний мост 2: Двойные колеса; Редуктор: редуктор ступицы
Размеры грузового отсека: 820 x 255 cm
Кран: CORMACH 34000E4 , год выпуска 2007, сзади кабины
Насос: Да
Общее состояние: хорошее
Техническое состояние: хорошее
Внешнее состояние: хорошее
- Hliníková palivová nádrž
- Vzduchové odpruženie
Alüminyum yakıt deposu
- Güneşlik
- Havalı süspansiyon
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Product description

New offer from the "GA den Otter bedrijfsauto’s BV" company at Autoline:
MAN TGA 41.360 8X4 flatbed truck, used, registered in 2003, mileage 440000 km, negotiable price.
Truck has a load capacity of 18640 kg, gross weight is 37000 kg, net weight - 18360 kg.
Engine: power 360 HP (265 kW), 6 cylinders, fuel - diesel, the engine complies with the standard Euro 3..
Gearboxes: ZF, 12 gears, automatic.
Braking system: ABS.
Additional equipment for driving comfort: cruise control (tempomat), powered windows, electrically operated mirrors For driver's comfort, in the cabin of truck there are air conditioner, refrigerator.
You can contact the seller via email or by phone. Feel free to ask the seller any questions about anything concerning the purchase, payment, and delivery.
Truck is located at the following address: Netherlands, Noord Brabant, LA Breda, 4836, Hazeldonk 6041 . The company's venue can be viewed on Google Street View.
You can also find all the needed truck parts at Autoline: control units, front fascias, gearboxes, engines, dashboards.
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