New MAGYAR 10 x unit 45 M 3 Magnalium fuel tank trailer

new MAGYAR 10 x unit 45 M 3 Magnalium fuel tank trailer
Photo: new MAGYAR 10 x unit 45 M 3 Magnalium fuel tank trailer
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Model 10 x unit 45 M 3 Magnalium
Type fuel tank trailer
Year of manufacture 03/2017
Volume 45 m³
Load capacity 30800 kg
Gross weight 37200 kg
Net weight 6400 kg
Location Germany Frankfurt/Main
Placed on Jun 09, 2018
Autoline ID ZF12437
Axles 3
Condition new
In Stock 10
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Specification of 45M3 Magnalium Fuel Tanker Semi-trailer
The tanker semi-trailer is designed for stevedoring and transporting fuel.
Working pressure 7.5 psi; Testing pressure 1.5 times of working pressure.
Transport medium:
Fuel with density between 0.74kg/L and 0.87kg/L. Diesel / Gasoline
External (length x width x height): 12,400mm×2,500mm×3,770mm
Fifth Wheel Height (unload): 1,320mm
King Pin Height: 1,220mm
King Pin Setting (king pin to front end): 1,300mm
Wheel Distance (king pin to second axle): 7,500mm
Axle Space: 1,350mm+1,350mm
Landing Gear Location (from king pin): 2,250mm
Tare Weight (tolerance ± 3%): 6,400kg
Maximum Payload: 30,800kg
Maximum Gross Weight: 37,700kg
Maximum King Pin payload (distributed payload): 12,500kg
Maximum Axle payload (distributed payload): 25,200kg
Tank Body:
Capacity: 43m3(43000L) + 5% Vapor Volume
Compartments: Single compartment; 7 baffles at maximum distance of 1,500mm for reducing dynamic influences during driving.
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