New WILLIG 3TSA fuel tank trailer

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Model 3TSA
Type fuel tank trailer
Year of manufacture 05/2020
Volume 43 m³
Load capacity 33350 kg
Net weight 5650 kg
Gross weight 39000 kg
Location Slovakia Spišská Nová Ves
Placed on more than 1 month
Autoline ID VN22124
Overall dimensions 12500 m × 2550 m × 3400 m
Truck body
Chassis aluminium
Tool box
Tank trailer
Separate sections
Pressure 0.26 bar
Test pressure 0.26 bar
Number of sections 5
Volume of tank compartments 7500 l, 12000 l, 7500 l, 6500 l, 9500 l
Thickness of tanker walls 5 mm
Thickness of the end walls 5 mm
Thickness of partition walls 5 mm
Brand BPW ECO Plus 2
Number of axles 3
Suspension air/air
Tyre size 385/65R22,5
Tyre condition 100 %
Brakes disc
Additional equipment
Condition new
VIN W09S00339K1W20036
Colour white
More details: English Slovak
Tank semitrailer for the transport of dangerous substances within the meaning of ADR, Class 3. Type of vehicle according to ADR: FL
Self contained, cylindrical. The support brackets on the tank superstructure serve to secure the royal bolt with the friction sheet, to secure the vehicle support device (hinged legs) and to secure all three axles. Aluminium alloy, EN 5186 H111, EN 5182 H111, Minimum thickness 5 mm.
The manhole fittings of the individual chambers are recessed inside the tank superstructure and protected by snow and water protection covers.
The equipment of each compartment consists of:         1) manhole each compartment with weld-in ring, rain-cover and sealing eyes.
2) manhole cover DN 500 without filling opening -1 pc
3) air relief valve pneumatic, with regulation - 1pc
4) Detonation and flame preventer 1 pc
5) Optical - pneumatics overfill protection with 5-wire cabling - 1 pc

The measuring system consists of the main control unit Controler - Master, located on the dispensing side of the vehicle.
The metering system contains a secondary Controller - Slave control unit located on the vehicle filling side. The measuring system is equipped with an electronic measuring rod BARTEC 3003, for each chamber separately.
Product temperature sensor for each compartment separately
The measuring system is equipped with a NAMUR remnant sensor for each discharge pipe separately.
The measuring system includes a needle printer that is located in a separate cabinet on the AL trailer in the direction of travel to the right between the consoles with the illumination and locking .It is painted in the color of the semi-trailer.
The measurement system includes a communication modem, for installing a data mobile card, to transmit data in the FTL format. Provides a GSM connection with the office or service.

Each dispensing branch of the compartment consists of:
1, bottom compartment valve -1 pc
2, dispensing pipeline DN100- 1 pc
3, transverse pneumatic valve DN100 - 1 pc
4, mechanical shutter flap DN100 - 1 pc
5, sight glass on the pipe - DN100 - 1pc
6, with MK 80 MS connectors with stopper VB 80 Al
7, venting valve of the pipe 1 pc

Pump: capacity 1000 litres/min, rpm from 500 till 1500, pressure: 10 bars, producer: Alfons Haar
Small-dispensing pneumatic winding drum with low-displacement hose DN45 with small-displacement gun ZV500.
Low-cost control with VOLUTANK 3003 dispensing system, Hose length 25 m. Flow rate 450 - 500 L / min. This dispensing shall be treated as non-certified dispensing.

The vehicle is equipped with a through AL cabinet. The doors are designed with a pantograph (vertical) system, with the door opening next to the vehicle upwards. Opening gas assists. Door locking is solved with 3 locks on each side. The cabinet side of the filling side has a stainless steel metal bar in the bottom and top. The cabinet is equipped with a trap for the rest of the product on both sides. The outlet of the product residue from the cabinet is secured by a shut-off valve of 1 piece on each side.On the cabinet door on loading and discharging side, there are sealing eyes for use of plastic sealing plomb. In the cabinet, there are holders for reductions used during discharging.
24V illumination, 1 x 15-pole socket, 2 x 8-chamber LED tail lights, 2 x ECG illumination located on rear bumper protection. 2 x Contour, brake and directional LED light located on the rear end of thank. 4 x side-mark LED lights. 1 x LED working light with holder on the right side of the discharging cabinet. 2 x rear LES Lights. Orange warning light at the rear of the vehicle. Manufacturer of lights Aspock.
Manual lifting option on the semitrailer, level gauge fitted with end switch valve, with continuous relief function secured against rolling during the setup.
reflective films 3M in the rear of the vehicle and on the sides in the sense of UN Regulation No. 104
ADR orange-coloured plate with product designation at rear of vehicle (30/1202 and 33/1203)
a table with the indication of the environmentally hazardous substance (fish+tree) in holder located on the sides of the vehicle and in the rear - 3 pieces
placard (ADR label model no. 3 - red colour with flame and 3) in holder located on the sides of the vehicle and in the rear - 3 pcs
reflective orange board in the rear of the vehicle - 2 pcs, holder and fire extinguisher cover on the sides of the vehicle - 2 pcs
fire extinguisher 6 kg - 2 pcs, drum for spreading material on the side of the vehicle - 1 pc
Reflective cone - 2 pcs, broom - 1 pc, aluminium shovel - 1 piece, hammer -1 pcs, wheel wrench - 1 pc, spare seal set, reducer coupling AMKI + VK 100 for DN 100 recuperation
wheel chocks with holders - 2 pcs
Prevedneie cisterny : FL, kód cisterny LGBF
Spodné plnenie: ano - 5 krát API pre každú komoru samostatne
Výdajný systém:
VOLUTANK 3003 , systém elektronických merných tyčí s kompenzáciou a tlačiarňou dokladov.
Spôsob výdaja: samospádom z každej komory samostatne.
Možnosť dovybavenia:
Čerpadlo: Alfons Haar 1000 L / min samostatné cez prerpojovaciu hadicu -
Malovýdaj : pneumatický malovýdajný bubon Niehueser s hadicou 30 m a vydanou pištoľou ZV400.
Držiaky stáčacích hadíc v armatúrnej skrini alebo rezerva.
Možnosť vybavenia SPD systémom.
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