KINGLINK KPE1200x800 jaw crusher

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Type jaw crusher
Location China Shanghai
Placed on more than 1 month
Autoline ID TK23902
Power 81 kW (110 HP)
Condition used
VIN KINGLINK20180614002-Z
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SaleListPrice: 150000
capacity: 200
KPE Jaw Crusher
Kinglink PEV jaw crushers have been widely used in various quarry aggregate applications worldwide. The PEV type comes with larger feed openings and longer jaws with bigger crusher strokes for primary crushing purposes
Kinglink KPE Series jaw crushers stand the test of time and are ideal for Crushing and Screening application where efficiency and quality are paramount. With options of Automated Controls
Safety Features
Surge Hoppers
Dust Suppression system
Multiple Screens for extra products - stands to its reputation of being an investor’s best friend
Kinglink KPE series Jaw crusher are premium class crushers due to their design as well as to the materials that are used to produce them. attention has been paid to even the smallest details,so as to ensure the highest possible functionality and reliability,without any compromises
Kinglink KPE jaw crushers have been widely used in various quarry aggregate applications worldwide. The KPE type comes with larger feed openings and longer jaws with bigger crusher strokes for primary crushing purposes
All KPE Jaw Crushers ate built with top quality oil bearings and seals. The lubrication goes well satisfactory
and the yields as expected
KPE Jaw Crushers are equipped with hydraulic shim adjusters including hydraulic oil jacks
shim plates and other components. Changeovers of jaw discharge openings are easy and fast
downtime is minimized
and the production requirements are accurately met
All is with welded steel construction & stressed relieved Jaw Crusher main frame. Heavy duty reinforcement at major stress points
Kinglink Jaw Crushers perform crushing operations with compressive force exerted from advancing and retreating motions of a swing jaw which is suspended from an eccentric shaft at the top while supported by toggle plate
seat & block at the bottom. These safety toggle plate
seat & block provide complete jaw protection from any uncrushable
and ensures a nip angle be properly maintained
Since Kinglink Jaw Crushers have larger and deeper crushing chambers and the crushing angle is designed to be sharp
a very high crushing ratio can be achieved. For certain applications
a single toggle crusher can render both coarse and medium or medium and fine crushing quality
Simplicity of design and rugged construction
Simplicity of design and rugged construction have made KPE Jaw Crusher ideal for crushing operations. For the most efficient and economical production
a wider range of KPE Jaw Crusher models is available for you to choose from. KPE Jaw Crushers are proven one of the most well balanced jaw crushers in the world
Kinglink KPE Series jaw crushers
Kinglink's maintenance platform for KPE Series jaw crushers improves your working ergonomics and safety
The most versatile primary crusher
Kinglink's Series jaw crushers are most commonly used as primary crushers
to make the first step of size reduction. In some cases the jaw crushers is used to produce final end product but in most cases the jaw crusher is used to prepare the feed for the secondary crusher in a crushing and screening process
Feed Oping
(mm) REV
(R.P.M) Power
(kw) Discharge Opening[in(mm)]Capacity(TPH) Weigth
50 70 80 10 125 150 200 225 250 300
KPE600×400 600×400 275 30-40 26 38 45 60 75 6.4
KPE750×500 750×500 250 45-60 40 60 70 90 112 130 9.3
KPE900×600 900×600 250 60-75 105 130 160 182 14.1
KPE1050×650 1050×650 260 75-90 150 180 205 255 17.2
KPE1050×750 1050×750 230 90-115 180 210 237 294 22.3
KPE1200×800 1200×800 230 115-150 210 250 280 320 26.65
KPE1200×1000 1200×1000 200 130-150 265 302 370 402 45
KPE1350×800 1350×800 200 135-150 250 300 340 420 450 27.55
KPE1500×1000 1500×1000 200 185-225 310 350 440 480 510 50.2
KPE1500×1200 1500×1200 190 185-265 415 500 540 580 630 73.7
* Smaller closed side settings can be often used depending on application and production requirements. For a performance estimation for your specific application
please contact Kinglink
The above figures represent through the crusher capacities
which are based on a feed material with an average specific gravity of 2.7 t/m3
a maximum feed size that will enter the crusher without bridging and material finer than the crushers closed side setting removed. The capacities may vary depending on the feeding method and on feed characteristics such as gradation
bulk density
clay content and crushability. Measurement of the crusher’s closed side setting varies depending on the jaw profile that is being used and has an impact on the crusher’s capacity and product gradation. The following factors will enhance crusher capacity and performance
1. Proper selection of the jaws
2. Proper feed gradation
3. Controlled fe
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