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New Tracta SPMT200 Transport-Module self-propelled modular transporter

new Tracta SPMT200 Transport-Module self-propelled modular transporter
Photo: new Tracta SPMT200 Transport-Module self-propelled modular transporter
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Type self-propelled modular transporter
Year of manufacture new
First registration 01/2014
Net weight 50000 kg
Location Netherlands Heerenveen
Placed on more than 1 month
Dealer stock ID 0000467
Autoline ID ME10543
Overall dimensions 24.25 m × 3 m × 1.2 m
Power 147 kW (200 HP)
Fuel diesel
Vehicle condition
Vehicle condition new
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Tracta SPMT200 Transport Module
Eigen gewicht: 50 ton
Draagkracht: 200 ton
Lengte : 24.251 mm
Breedte: 3.000 mm
Laagste stand platform hoogte: 1.156 mm
Hoogste stand platform hoogte: 1.356 mm
Motor: Deutz TCD2013 L062V 6 cilinder 7. 1 ltr. - 200kW
Hydraulische pompen: Sauer Danfoss (Load sense)
Hydraulische versnellingsbakken: O&K
Radiografische afstandsbediening: NBB Controls

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Tracta PCT200 Heavy Duty Transport Module, SPMT Self Propelled Modular Transporter
Own weight: 50 ton
Carrying capacity: 200 ton
Length: 24.251 mm
Width: 3.000 mm
Lowest position platform height: 1.156 mm
Highest position platform height: 1.356 mm
Motor: Deutz TCD2013 L062V 6 cylinder 7. 1 ltr. - 200 kW
Hydraulic pumps: Sauer Danfoss (Load sense)
Hydraulic gearboxes: O&K
Radio remote control: NBB Controls
For example for factory modules for power plants, seawater desalination and crude oil exploration plants as well as offshore platforms

For a video copy the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8L1MQzjrj4M&list=UUKMaBYeOSoTJBMBfAyCCMig
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Tracta SPMT200 Selbst angetriebene Mudultransporter
Eigengewicht: 50 ton
Tragkraft: 200 ton
Länge: 24.251 mm
Breite: 3.000 mm
Niedrigste position plattform Höhe: 1.156 mm
Highest position plattform Höhe: 1.356 mm
Motor: Deutz TCD2013 L062V 6 cylinder 7. 1 ltr. - 200 kW
Hydraulikpumpen: Sauer Danfoss (Load sense)
Hydraulische Getriebe: O&K
Funkfernbedienung: NBB Controls
z.B. für Fabrikmodule für Kraftwerke, Meerwasserentsalzungs- und Erdölexplorationsanlagen sowie Offshore-Plattformen

Für einen Video kopieren Sie diesen Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8L1MQzjrj4M&list=UUKMaBYeOSoTJBMBfAyCCMig
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