RENAULT Premium 320 Euro 3 platform truck

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Net price
≈ $4,860
Gross price
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Type platform truck
First registration 2003-02-05
Mileage 1083469 km
Load capacity 9430 kg
Gross weight 18000 kg
Net weight 8570 kg
Location Belgium Hooglede-Gits
Placed on Jan 28, 2020
Seller stock ID TC33328
Overall dimensions 10.2 m × 2.54 m × 2.95 m
Body dimensions length - 7.78 m, width - 2.53 m
Spare wheel
Tool box
Power 320 HP (235 kW)
Euro Euro 3
Type manual
Number of axles 2
Axle configuration 4x2
Suspension air/air
Wheelbase 6050 mm
Front axle
Tyre size 315/60 R22.5
Tyre condition 5 %
Rear axle
Tyre size 295/60 R22.5
Tyre condition 5 %
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Engine brake
Cruise control (tempomat)
Powered windows
Electrically operated mirrors
Condition used
Colour white
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= More options and accessories =

- Engine brake
- Spare wheel

Cab: single, sleep
Front axle: Tyre size: 315/60 R22.5; Steering; Tyre profile left: 5%; Tyre profile right: 5%
Rear axle: Tyre size: 295/60R22.5; Double wheels; Tyre profile left inner: 5%; Tyre profile left outer: 5%; Tyre profile right outer: 5%; Tyre profile right outer: 5%
Height of cargo floor: 95 cm
Náhradní kolo
= Weitere Optionen und Zubehör =

- Reserverad

Kabine: einfach, Schlafkabine
Vorderachse: Refenmaß: 315/60 R22.5; Gelenkt; Reifen Profil links: 5%; Reifen Profil rechts: 5%
Hinterachse: Refenmaß: 295/60R22.5; Doppelbereift; Reifen Profil links innnerhalb: 5%; Reifen Profil links außen: 5%; Reifen Profil rechts innerhalb: 5%; Reifen Profil rechts außen: 5%
Höhe der Ladefläche: 95 cm
= Flere valgmuligheder og mere tilbehør =

- Reservehjul

Førerhus: enkeltseng, sleeper cab
Foraksel: Dækstørrelse: 315/60 R22.5; Styretøj; Dækprofil venstre: 5%; Dækprofil højre: 5%
Bagaksel: Dækstørrelse: 295/60R22.5; Dobbelthjul; Dækprofil venstre indvendige: 5%; Dækprofil venstre udvendige: 5%; Dækprofil højre udvendige: 5%; Dækprofil højre udvendige: 5%
Gulvhøjde i lastrum: 95 cm
= Más opciones y accesorios =

- Rueda de recambio

Cabina: simple, litera
Eje delantero: Tamaño del neumático: 315/60 R22.5; Dirección; Dibujo del neumático izquierda: 5%; Dibujo del neumático derecha: 5%
Eje trasero: Tamaño del neumático: 295/60R22.5; Ruedas dobles; Dibujo del neumático izquierda interior: 5%; Dibujo del neumático izquierda exterior: 5%; Dibujo del neumático derecha exterior: 5%; Dibujo del neumático derecha exterior: 5%
Altura piso de carga: 95 cm
= Plus d'options et d'accessoires =

- Roue de secours

Cabine: simple, couché
Essieu avant: Dimension des pneus: 315/60 R22.5; Direction; Sculptures des pneus gauche: 5%; Sculptures des pneus droite: 5%
Essieu arrière: Dimension des pneus: 295/60R22.5; Roues jumelées; Sculptures des pneus gauche interne: 5%; Sculptures des pneus gauche externe: 5%; Sculptures des pneus droit externe: 5%; Sculptures des pneus droit externe: 5%
Hauteur du plancher de chargement: 95 cm
Ruota di scorta
= Aanvullende opties en accessoires =

- Motorrem
- Reservewiel

Cabine: enkel, slaap
Vooras: Bandenmaat: 315/60 R22.5; Meesturend; Bandenprofiel links: 5%; Bandenprofiel rechts: 5%
Achteras: Bandenmaat: 295/60R22.5; Dubbellucht; Bandenprofiel linksbinnen: 5%; Bandenprofiel linksbuiten: 5%; Bandenprofiel rechtsbinnen: 5%; Bandenprofiel rechtsbuiten: 5%
Hoogte laadvloer: 95 cm
= Więcej opcji i akcesoriów =

- Koło zapasowe

Kabina: pojedynczy, sypialna
Oś przednia: Rozmiar opon: 315/60 R22.5; Układ kierowniczy; Profil opon lewa: 5%; Profil opon prawa: 5%
Oś tylna: Rozmiar opon: 295/60R22.5; Koła podwójne; Profil opon lewa wewnętrzna: 5%; Profil opon lewa zewnętrzna: 5%; Profil opon prawa zewnętrzna: 5%; Profil opon prawa zewnętrzna: 5%
Wysokość podłogi ładowni: 95 cm
Roda suplente
= Дополнительные опции и оборудование =

- Запасное колесо

Кабина: односпальная, кабина со спальным местом (sleep)
Передний мост: Размер шин: 315/60 R22.5; Рулевое управление; Профиль шин слева: 5%; Профиль шин справа: 5%
Задний мост: Размер шин: 295/60R22.5; Двойные колеса; Профиль шин левое внутреннее: 5%; Профиль шин левое внешнее: 5%; Профиль шин правое внешнее: 5%; Профиль шин правое внешнее: 5%
Высота грузового пола: 95 cm
Rezervné koleso
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Product description

Offer from "The Truck Company" company:
RENAULT Premium 320 Euro 3 platform truck, used, registered in 2003, mileage 1083469 km, price: €4,500 (Net price), colour - white.
Truck has a load capacity of 9430 kg, gross weight is 18000 kg, net weight - 8570 kg, body dimensions: length - 7.78 m, width - 2.53 m.
Engine: power 320 HP (235 kW), the engine complies with the standard Euro 3..
Gearboxes: manual.
Braking system: ABS, engine brake.
Additional equipment for driving comfort: cruise control (tempomat), powered windows, electrically operated mirrors
You can contact the seller via email, whatsapp, viber, messenger or by phone. Feel free to ask the seller any questions about anything concerning the purchase, payment, and delivery.
Truck location - Belgium, West-Flandres, Hooglede-Gits, 8830, Bruggesteenweg 223. The company's venue can be viewed on Google Street View.
Any truck parts are also for sale: control units, front fascias, gearboxes, engines, dashboards.
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