DAF 105 XF 410 EURO 5, Retarder, Airco, PTO tractor unit

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Net price
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Gross price
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Brand DAF
Type tractor unit
First registration 2012-01-09
Mileage 675000 km
Net weight 7310 kg
Location Netherlands EDE GLD
Placed on more than 1 month
Seller stock ID 936928
Power 410 HP (301 kW)
Fuel diesel
Euro Euro 5
Type automatic
Number of axles 2
Axle configuration 4x2
Suspension spring/air
Air conditioner
Climate control
Cruise control (tempomat)
Additional equipment
Condition used
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= More options and accessories =

- Differential lock
- Twin bed

= More information =

Bodywork: Standard tractor
Cab: sleep
APK (MOT): tested until 09/2020
Diferenciál s brzdou
- Uzávěrka diferenciálu
= Weitere Optionen und Zubehör =

- Differentialsperre
- Doppelter bett

= Weitere Informationen =

Aufbau: Standard-SZM
Kabine: Schlafkabine
APK (Technische Hauptuntersuchung): geprüft bis 09.2020
= Flere valgmuligheder og mere tilbehør =

- Differentialespærre
- Styret spærredifferentiale

= Yderligere oplysninger =

Karosseri: Standardtrækker
Førerhus: sleeper cab
APK (Bileftersyn): testet indtil sep 2020
= Más opciones y accesorios =

- Bloqueo diferencial
- Cama doble

= Más información =

Carrocería: Tractor estándar
Cabina: litera
APK (ITV): inspeccionado hasta sep 2020
= Plus d'options et d'accessoires =

- Deux lit
- différentiel serrure

= Plus d'informations =

Construction: Tracteur standard
Cabine: couché
APK (CT): valable jusqu'à sept. 2020
- Szabályozott önzáró differenciálmű
Bloccaggio del differenziale
- Differenziale a slittamento controllato
= Aanvullende opties en accessoires =

- 2 bedden
- differentieel sper

= Meer informatie =

Opbouw: Standaard trekker
Cabine: slaap
APK: gekeurd tot sep 2020
= Więcej opcji i akcesoriów =

- Blokada mechanizmu różnicowego
- Mechanizm różnicowy

= Więcej informacji =

Budowa: Standardowy ciągnik
Kabina: sypialna
APK (Przegląd techniczny): zatwierdzone do sep 2020
= Дополнительные опции и оборудование =

- Блокировка дифференциала
- Дифференциал с принудительной блокировкой

= Дополнительная информация =

Кузов: Стандартный тягач
Кабина: кабина со спальным местом (sleep)
APK (TO): проверка пройдена до sep 2020
Diferenciál s riadeným sklzom
- Uzávierka diferenciálu
Diferansiyel kilidi
- Kontrollü diferansiyel kilidi
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Product description

New offer from the "JB Trading bv" company at Autoline:
DAF 105 XF 410 EURO 5, Retarder, Airco, PTO tractor unit, used, registered in 2012, mileage 675000 km, price: €11,900 (Net price).
Net weight - 7310 kg.
Engine: power 410 HP (301 kW), fuel - diesel, complies with the standard Euro 5..
Gearboxes: automatic.
Braking system: ABS, retarder.
Also as part of the build, the following options are included: immobilizer. Additional equipment for driving comfort: cruise control (tempomat) Additional options for driver's comfort: air conditioner, climate control.
The seller can be contacted via email or by phone. Feel free to ask the seller any questions about anything concerning the purchase, payment, and delivery.
Tractor unit location - Netherlands, Gelderland, EDE GLD, 6716AK, MARCONISTRAAT 20. The company's venue can be viewed on Google Street View.
You can also find all the needed tractor unit parts at Autoline: control units, front fascias, dashboards, gearboxes, engines.
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