MERCEDES-BENZ Actros 3340 tractor unit

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Model Actros 3340
Type tractor unit
Year of manufacture 03/2012
Mileage 92000 km
Location United Arab Emirates Dubai
Placed on more than 1 month
Autoline ID XT23119
Brand Mercedes Benz
Type V-type
Power 300 HP (221 kW)
Fuel diesel
Euro Euro 4
Type manual
Number of axles 3
Suspension spring/spring
Right hand drive
Condition used
Colour white
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9147 Arktikweiß
A57 Front Axle Offset
AL4 Front Axle 8.0 T
AM3 Rear Axle H7, 13.0 T, Crown Wheel 300
AN9 Telligent Trailing Axle, Hydraulically Steered
AP9 Axle Ratio I = 4.333 (HL7)
B24 Frequent-Stop Brake, Luxury Version
B62 Compr. Air Dryer, Heated (Twin-Chamber System)
BB5 Disc Brakes On Front And Rear Axle
BB8 Telligent Braking System With ABS And ASR
C63 Bumper, Steel Version
C73 Front Underride Guard (EC)
C95 Deletion, Rear Underride Guard (EC)
CE6 Stabiliser, Additional, Rear/Trailing Axle
CF2 Chassis For Tipper Bodies
CL9 Steering LS 6/LS 8
D25 Roof Hatch/Vent, Roof
E00 Starting-Off Aid With Time Limit 90 S

E39 Automatic Cutouts
E86 Battery Sensor
EB3 Batteries, 2 X 12V/220 Ah, Low-Maintenance
ED9 Provision For Fitting Electrical Devices
EM8 PSM, Body And Trailer CAN, ISO 11992
ES8 Additional Socket, 24 V/15 A, Firewall
EU1 CD-Radio
F07 S Cab
F24 Cab Rear Wall, Straight
F35 Cab Rear Wall With Window
F52 Sun Visor, Exterior, Transparent
FC7 Windows, Tinted, Without Sun Filter
FE5 Power Windows For Driver's/Co-Driver's Door
FL6 Cab Mountings, Standard
FN1 Distribution Cockpit
FS2 Wide-Angle Mirror On Driver's Side, Heated
FW2 Deletion, Immobiliser (Transponder)
FX7 Front Mirror, Aerodynamic
FZ9 Additional Keys Or Remote-Control Transmitter
G86 Double-Disc Clutch

GE3 Mercedes PowerShift
GH4 Mercedes PowerShift G 280-16/11.7-0.69
GZ7 Clutch Supplier F&S
H03 Air-Conditioning System
HF1 Construction-Site Filter
I72 Tyres,Tubeless,Size315/80 R 22.5,Front/Trail. Axle
I73 Tyres, Tubeless, Size 315/80 R 22.5, Rear Axle
IA2 Wheel Arrangement 6x4, Trailing Axle
IC1 Platform Chassis
ID2 Rear Axle Air Suspension
IF2 Model Series MPII
IF6 Actros Series, Production Location Wörth
IL2 Export Code
IL8 Left-Hand Drive Vehicle Version
IQ8 Wheelbase 4200 Mm
IV4 25.0-Tonner
IX6 V-Engines, 6-Cylinder
J10 Speedometer, Km
J58 Warning Device For Seat Belts
JK2 Instrument Cluster, Graphics-Capable Display

JW0 Reversing Buzzer
K40 Tank-Cap Lock
K45 Screen, Tank Filler Neck
K81 Fuel Pre-Filter, Heated Water Separator
KH3 Exhaust Pipe Raised, Behind Cab
KT3 Main Tank, Left, 300 L, Steel
L16 Fog Lamps, Halogen
L30 Protective Grilles, Headlamps
L58 Rotating Beacon, Yellow
L72 Electrics, For Non-MB Body
L76 Tail Light Wiring Harness, Extended
M32 Air Compressor, Additional
M49 Tandem Air Cleaner System
MA9 Engine Mountings, For Off-Road Use
MD4 Speed Limiter, 90 Km/H, EC
MD9 Cruise Control
MP0 Engine Package, For Heavy-Duty Operation
MP2 Engine Cooling Output, Increased
MS3 Engine Version, Euro III
MS5 BlueTec 5 (Euro V)

MV1 Engine, V6, LA, 235 KW (320 Hp), 1800 Rpm
N52 Engine Takeoff, Rear, Torque 600 Nm
N54 Coupling, Flexible, For Engine Takeoff (Loose)
N55 Gear Oil Cooler
P44 Mudguard, For Chassis Transit
Q18 End Crossmember, Bolted
R04 Wheel Nut Cap
R38 15-Degree Tapered Rims, 9.00 X 22.5
R60 Spare Wheel Carrier, Provisional
R87 Spare Wheel/Spare Wheel Rim
SF1 Fold-Up Seat, Velour, Co-Driver
SH6 Driver's Comfort Susp. Seat, Horizontal Springing
TP7 Weight Variant 26.0 T (8.0/11.5/7.5)
X38 Model Identification, Acc. To Weight Variant
X42 Labels/Publications, English
X53 Publications, Arabic, Additional
XC2 Model Plate, Gulf States
XK4 Powertrain Warranty,Gen.Terms/Con.,3 Yrs/450000 Km
XQ1 Chassis Number, US-VIN
XV6 Actros 3

XW9 Deletion, Noise Reduction Measures
Y10 First-Aid Kit
Y16 Fire Extinguisher
Y20 Tool Kit, Export
Y28 2 Wheel Chocks
Y34 Tyre Inflating Hose, 10 M
Y44 Warning Triangle
Y45 Warning Lamp
Y82 Front Apron
Z01 Execution According To Country
ZX1 Common Powertrain Controller (CPC)
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