FLIEGL DHKS 350 semi-trailers

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FLIEGL DHKS 350 semi-trailers: 5 ads

€6,390 USD ≈ $7,198
Tipper semi-trailer
Volume V=24 m³
Year 2003-10 Mileage Load cap. 28800 kg
Hungary, Kisigmand Eurotrade
€9,500 USD ≈ $10,702
Tipper semi-trailer
Suspension air/air
Year 2007-1 Mileage Load cap.
Estonia, Maardu
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Tipper semi-trailer
Year 2002 Mileage Load cap.
Greece, Trhίkala
€8,289 RUB USD RUB600,000 ≈ $9,337
Tipper semi-trailer
Suspension spring/air
Year 2007 Mileage Load cap.
Russia, Lyubercy, Moskovskoy obl.
Tipper semi-trailer
Volume V=26.8 m³ Suspension air/air Fifth wheel height 1200 mm
Year 11/2018 Mileage Load cap. 29300 kg
Ukraine, Odessa
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