KELBERG semi-trailers from Estonia

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KELBERG semi-trailers from Estonia: 6 ads

KELBERG S600H low bed semi-trailer
€40,900 USD ≈ $45,452
Low bed semi-trailer
Volume V=31.89 m³ Suspension air/air
Year 2019-2 Mileage Load cap.
Estonia, Maardu
KELBERG BT40 tipper semi-trailer
€25,900 USD ≈ $28,783
Tipper semi-trailer
Volume V=55 m³ Suspension air/air
Year 2011-5 Mileage Load cap.
Estonia, Maardu
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KELBERG 35m2/4axel tipper semi-trailer
€21,900 USD ≈ $24,337
Tipper semi-trailer
Volume V=36.36 m³ Suspension air/air
Year 2012-6 Mileage Load cap. 38700 kg
Estonia, Maardu
KELBERG Z48-B3 low bed semi-trailer
€12,000 USD ≈ $13,336
Low bed semi-trailer
Year 2008 Mileage Load cap. 32300 kg
Estonia, Keila
KELBERG platform semi-trailer
€10,000 USD ≈ $11,113
Platform semi-trailer
Suspension air/air
Year 2008 Mileage Load cap.
Estonia, Purku
KELBERG T40-S31 tipper semi-trailer
€17,900 USD ≈ $19,892
Tipper semi-trailer
Suspension air/air
Year 2013-7 Mileage Load cap. 32850 kg
Estonia, Maardu
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