Transportation machinery from CIS

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new 2ПТС-4,5 tractor trailer
€3,857 BYN USD BYN8,900 ≈ $4,326
Tractor trailer
Year 2018 Mileage Load cap.
new Транспортировщик рулонов самозагружающийся ТРС-10 tractor trailer
Tractor trailer
Year 2019 Mileage Load cap.
Belarus, Grodnenskaya obl., Shchuchinskiy r-n
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new Zavod Spetsavtotechnika ППР-11 tractor trailer
$8,950 EUR ≈ €7,980
Tractor trailer
Suspension spring/spring
Year 2019 Mileage Load cap. 11000 kg
Belarus, Mogilevskaya oblast, g. Bobruysk
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