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About us
AS ATKO Group is a coach and tourism concern. It has started its activities in 1992. The main activities are public transportation services.

• There are over 600 people working in our public transportation service and passengers are served with more than 350 buses
• In 2013, our passenger miles were 15,8 mln kilometres
• AS ATKO Group details public transportation services serve passengers in ten counties

AS ATKO Group centres have been established in Tallinn, Kohtla-Järve, Paide, Jõgeva, Põlva, Pärnu, Viljandi, Kuressaare and in Valga. In addition, there are tourist offices in Tallinn, Paide and Rakvere. Dispatch centres, bus parks and body shops are concentrated in the centres. The clients of AS ATKO Group are different county governments, municipalities and companies (Eesti Energia AS, Kohila Vallavalitsus, Matkavekka, Sisekaitseakadeemia, Kaitseressursside Amet).
AS ATKO Group bus park allows to offer service with very different sizes and prices of buses in accordance with the clients´ needs. We are ready to draw up schedule of competitions and events in accordance with your needs. We also offer 24-hour dispatch service to provide more operative service and to insure additional service when needed. For VIP-s there are possibilities to provide limousine service, bus rent and tourism service. With this 17-year experience we can offer you the best quality with the best price.

AS ATKO Group includes:

OÜ ATKO Liinid
AS ATKO Bussiliinid
OÜ ATKO Haldus
OÜ ATKO Capital Grupp
OÜ ATKO Õlitööstus
OÜ ATG Kinnisvara

Looking forward to our co-operation



Автобусный парк АО АТКО ГРУПП способен предоставить услуги по перевозке автобусами разной величины и стоимости, исходя от потребности клиента.
Исходя от ваших нужд, мы готовы составить графики по обслуживанию разных соревнований и мероприятий. Предлагаем на время соревнований 24-часовую диспетчерскую услугу для более оперативного реагирования на любые изменения в перевозках. Имеется возможность предоставления лимузина дла ВИП-клиентов, аренды автобусов и туристических услуг. Имея 17-летний опыт пассажирских перевозок, мы способны предоставить качественные услуги за лучшую цену.
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Marko Tomingas
Marko Tomingas
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Estonia, Harju County, 10151 , Tallinn, Ahtri 6a
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Estonia, Harju County, 10151, Tallinn, Ahtri 6a
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Estonia, Harju County, Tallinn, Ahtri 6a
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FORD Transit passenger van
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€11,500 USD ≈ $13,690
Passenger van
Year 2013-09-30 Mileage 340000 km Power 100 kW
Estonia, Kohtla-Järve
VOLVO B10M school bus
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€3,000 USD ≈ $3,571
School bus
Year 2001-08 Mileage 1000000 km Power 210 kW
Estonia, Kohtla-Järve
IRIZAR PB coach bus
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€18,800 USD ≈ $22,380
Coach bus
Euro Euro 3
Year 2006-05 Mileage Power 315 kW
Estonia, Kohtla-Järve
ISUZU Turquoise interurban bus
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€5,300 USD ≈ $6,309
Interurban bus
Year 2006 Mileage 500000 km Power
Estonia, Kohtla-Järve
ISUZU Turquoise coach bus
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€5,300 USD ≈ $6,309
Coach bus
Euro Euro 3
Year 2006-12-28 Mileage 520000 km Power 129 HP
Estonia, Pärnu