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Welcome to GROVEMA BV, we are a rapidly expanding company based in the centre of Holland. Thanks to our experience we are achieving continual growth in the highly competitive global market of "used machine" parts.

Our main activity is the worldwide sale of quality used spare parts coming from dismantled construction machines details ». At all times we have rapidly available parts, components, engines and attachments mainly for Liebherr. We have the facilities and experience to strip, recondition and test our parts.

Apart from our used parts activities, Grovema BV also supplies a wide range of Industrial tyres. Because of the years of experience and a large number of suppliers, we are able offering you tyres for very good prices.

Grovema BV is also distributor of the Cabsafe cabin protection system. It is the leading provider of bespoke and off-the-shelf cab protection systems for all types of cranes and earth moving heavy plant.
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