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NOTE! DURING THE CURRENT CORONA-SITUATION: Kvdpro.com can help you arrange transport to the nearest Swedish port. Email customer service on info@kvdpro.com to book transport.

Kvdpro is an online auction company based in Sweden. Our objects are sold via our online auction at kvdpro.com to both international details and Swedish buyers. We also offer direct purchases on a selection of objects. This means that we have objects that are available to purchase on auction where you bid on them and some objects that can be purchased directly at fixed price.

The only thing you need to do to be able to bid or buy direct is to create an account on our website here: https://www.kvdpro.com/en/user/signup/Privatperson.html

Auction countdown is every Tuesday and Wednesday at 09AM. The buy direct objects can be purchased up until 48h before the countdown starts. Then they are only available to purchase through our auction.

We are adding new auction objects daily and bids can be placed at any time during the week.

You can read about the condition of the objects in detail and see all available pictures on our website here: https://www.kvdpro.com/en

Read our export rules here: https://www.kvdpro.com/en/info/exportrules.html

For more detailed information visit our site: https://www.kvdpro.com/en . For questions email us at info@kvdpro.com or call customer service direct on +46 (0)10 – 165 14 00.
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IVECO 70C17 (rep.objekt) (Ej export) 4x2 Recovery vehicles (platform w platform truck
auction €2,723 SEK USD SEK 30,000 ≈ $2,989
Platform truck
Load cap. 2190 kg Euro Euro 5
Year 2015 Mileage Power 170 HP
Sweden, Gothenburg
DAF AS15XF (No export) 6x2 Flat bed with container brackets + crane  timber truck
auction €4,539 SEK USD SEK 50,000 ≈ $4,982
Timber truck
Load cap. 16850 kg Euro Euro 5
Year 2011 Mileage Power 462 HP
Sweden, Gothenburg
SCHMIDT Cleango 500 Sweeper - 14 road sweeper
auction €1,362 SEK USD SEK 15,000 ≈ $1,495
Road sweeper
Year 2014 Mileage Power 143 HP
Sweden, Gothenburg
Transportel Electric flat moped 1200 mini dumper
auction €90.78 SEK USD SEK 1,000 ≈ $99.65
Mini dumper
Year Mileage Power
Sweden, Gothenburg
VOLVO FES 280 6x2 Hook trailer (swap body trailer) - 07 chassis truck
auction €1,362 SEK USD SEK 15,000 ≈ $1,495
Chassis truck
Load cap. 13260 kg Euro Euro 5
Year 2007 Mileage Power 280 HP
Sweden, Gothenburg
BerlexAB Screen Trailer - 81 chassis trailer
auction €45.39 SEK USD SEK 500 ≈ $49.82
Chassis trailer
Year 1981 Mileage Power
Sweden, Gothenburg
Tjörnarps smide TS 5000 Tilt Intermediate Bracket (Big BM) - 17 quick coupler for wheel loader
auction €499.40 SEK USD SEK 5,501 ≈ $548.20
Quick coupler
Year Mileage Power
Sweden, Gothenburg
HITACHI Hedge trimmer, lawn trimmer, lawn mower etc hedge trimmer
auction €181.60 SEK USD SEK 2,000 ≈ $199.30
Hedge trimmer
Year Mileage Power
Sweden, Gothenburg
MITSUBISHI L200 2.5 DI-D (Not export) 4x4 Box - 11 pick-up
auction €453.90 SEK USD SEK 5,000 ≈ $498.20
Load cap. 650 kg Euro Euro 4
Year 2011 Mileage Power 178 HP
Sweden, Gothenburg
LG Deluxe 09 (D09TE) 24 pcs industrial air conditioner
auction €2,269 SEK USD SEK 25,000 ≈ $2,491
Industrial air conditioner
Year Mileage Power
Sweden, Gothenburg
VOLVO FL240 4x2 Swapbodie (tail lift) - 10 closed box truck
auction €1,362 SEK USD SEK 15,000 ≈ $1,495
Closed box truck
Load cap. 11075 kg Euro Euro 5 Suspension spring/air
Year 2010-12-22 Mileage Power 246 HP
Sweden, Gothenburg
LG HM143M U33 Monoblock air water heat pump industrial equipment
auction €1,498 SEK USD SEK 16,500 ≈ $1,644
Industrial equipment
Year Mileage Power
Sweden, Gothenburg
SCANIA P230 4x2 Box (tail lift) - 07 refrigerated truck
auction €1,407 SEK USD SEK 15,500 ≈ $1,545
Refrigerated truck
Load cap. 9820 kg Euro Euro 4
Year 2007 Mileage Power 230 HP
Sweden, Gothenburg
D'Alessandro CS 300 Pellet Burner (Rep. Objects) - 06 industrial equipment
auction €453.90 SEK USD SEK 5,000 ≈ $498.20
Industrial equipment
Year 2006 Mileage Power
Sweden, Gothenburg
Eisbär Electric Ice Resurfer - 03 other construction equipment
auction €453.90 SEK USD SEK 5,000 ≈ $498.20
Other construction equipment
Year 2003 Mileage Power
Sweden, Gothenburg
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