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CLAAS -is a German manufacturer of agricultural equipment. Among the products - tractors, reaper-threshers, baling machines, telescopic handlers and additional products for agricultural purposes.

CLAAS company was founded in 1913 by August Klaas in Westphalia, and began with manufacturing of grain binders. In the 1930's the company started the development of the first harvest combines, which were calculated on the European environment. Over the next decades the company CLAAS has remained among the best European manufacturers of agricultural machinery. In 1995, it launched the production of grain harvesters, which is currently considered the most powerful in the world.

Currently, the company CLAAS has branches and representative offices throughout Europe, Asia and America. The company's products are known under this name throughout the world except North America, where the combine harvesters are distributed under the brand name LEXION.

Popular CLAAS vehicles models

The most recent sale advertisements for CLAAS vehicles

new CLAAS Hengst (E631L01) air filter for CLAAS Lexion grain harvester
€30.26 UAH USD UAH 1,000 ≈ $36.02
Air filter
Ukraine, Vinnicya
CLAAS Sunspeed 12-70 grain header
€17,500 USD ≈ $20,830
Grain header
Ukraine, Zvenigorodka
CLAAS Max Flex  F530  Розстрочка !!! grain header
$16,900 EUR ≈ €14,200
Grain header
Ukraine, Ternopil
CLAAS ARION 640 wheel tractor
price on request
Wheel tractor
Belgium, Lanaken
CLAAS 540 grain harvester
€64,500 USD ≈ $76,780
Grain harvester
Poland, Bartoszewice
CLAAS Jaguar 870 forage harvester
€45,310 PLN USD PLN 205,000 ≈ $53,930
Forage harvester
Poland, Warele-Filipowicze
CLAAS Lexion 440 grain harvester
€46,190 PLN USD PLN 209,000 ≈ $54,990
Grain harvester
Poland, Wilkowia
CLAAS JAGUAR 850 4x4 forage harvester
€41,770 PLN USD PLN 189,000 ≈ $49,720
Forage harvester
Poland, Gucin
CLAAS Lexion 570 grain harvester
€84,920 PLN USD PLN 384,300 ≈ $101,100
Grain harvester
Poland, Zegartowice
CLAAS LEXION 570 grain harvester
€64,080 PLN USD PLN 290,000 ≈ $76,280
Grain harvester
Poland, Paszków
CLAAS AVERO 160 grain harvester
€60,330 PLN USD PLN 273,000 ≈ $71,810
Grain harvester
Poland, Marki
CLAAS ARION 520 wheel tractor
auction auction
Wheel tractor
United Kingdom, Leeds
CLAAS Disco 9200 C AS mower
€52,500 USD ≈ $62,500
Germany, Aichen