MERCEDES-BENZ 316 CDI, Dyparro VIP passenger van

MERCEDES-BENZ 316 CDI, Dyparro VIP  passenger van
Photo: MERCEDES-BENZ 316 CDI, Dyparro VIP passenger van
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≈ $77,252
Model 316 CDI, Dyparro VIP
Type passenger van
Year of manufacture 02/2013
First registration 05/2013
Mileage 43147 km
Seats 9
Net weight 2439 kg
Location Romania Moinesti
Placed on more than 1 month
Autoline ID BY7024
Gross weight 3500 kg
Overall dimensions 7345 m × 1993 m × 2725 m
Tool box
Brand Mercedes Benz 316
Type in-line
Power 163 HP (120 kW)
Fuel diesel
Fuel injector
Volume 2143 cm³
Number of cylinders 4
Euro V
Particulate filter
Brand Mercedes-Benz
Type manual
Gears 6
Axle configuration 4x2
Wheelbase 4325 mm
Tyre size 235/65R16C
Tyre condition 99 %
Soft seats
Panoramic windows
Adjustable seats
Coffee tables
Monitor 2
Individual lighting
Power steering
Portable radio set
Heater Webasto
Board computer
Air conditioner
Climate control
Seat heater
Cell phone
Autoradio CD, MP-3
Mirror heater
Powered windows
Electrically operated mirrors
Central lock
Auxiliary lamps
Fog lights
Sun visor
Additional equipment
Central lubrication
Fuel tank 75 l
Vehicle condition
Vehicle condition excellent
Technical inspection 06.2016
VIN WDB906637DS771204
Registration number Bc 14 DYP
Colour brown, metallic
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More details:

Mercedes Benz Sprinter 316 CDI, MOTOR OM 651, 163 CP

Ampatament 4325 mm / Wheelbase 4325 mm;
Jante din otel 6,5 J x 16 / Steel wheels 6,5 J x 16
Raport de transmisie 3.923 / Raport of transmission 3,923;
Oglinzi exterioare incalzite / Heated exterior mirrors;
Geamuri actionate electric, duble / Double electric windows;
Crosswind assist / Crosswind assist;
Computer service assist / Computer service assist;
Aer conditionat tip klimatik / Air conditioning KLIMATIK type;
Cotiera scaun sofer / Driver armrest;


1. Izolatie termica si fonica in compartimentul pasageri;
Thermal and phonic insulation of the passenger compartment;
2. Fotolii VIP Class din piele naturala, actionari electrice fata – spate si rabatare, masaj, incalzire si optiunea de rotatie a fotoliului mijloc dreapta;
HR VIP Class seats with natural leather, electric front and rear drives and folding, massage function, heated and rotation option for the right middle seat;
3. Scaune fata in ton cu cele din compartimentul pasageri;
Front seats in tune with the seats from the passenger compartment;
4. Capitonaj interior cu material special si piele;
Upholstery with special material and leather;
5. Reamenajare cabina sofer, tapiterie material special, ornamente de bord, manere mahon si vopsire ornamental in ton cu amenajarea interioara;
Rearrangement of the driver cabin, special upholstery, board ornaments, mahogany handles and decorative painting matching with the interior design;
6. Tavan casetat cu functii de iluminat alb si ambiental rosu, albastru, verde sau combinatii;
Ceiling with lighting functions white and red ambient, blue, green or combinations;
7. Profile LED-uri;
LEDs profiles;
8. Mocheta suplimentara peste pod si set mochete demontabile;
Extra carpet on the floor and removable carpet set;
9. Ornamente interioare acoperite in nuanta mahon in ton cu interiorul;
Interior trims covered in mahogany color, in tune with the interior;
10. Masute rabatabile in compartimentul pasageri cu actionare electrica (3 bucati);
Folding tables in the passenger compartment with electric drive (3 pieces);
11. Aer conditionat Autoclima;
Air conditioning Autoclima;
12. Aer conditionat original de bord;
Original board air conditioning;
13. Incalzitor in stationare Webasto (pe apa);
Heater Webasto (on water);
14. Jaluzele electrice actionate prin sistemul de gestiune iPad / iPhone si cu telecomanda;
Electric blinds operated through iPad / iPhone management system, with remote ;
15. INSTALATIE AUDIO: SISTEM DVD MULTIMEDIA ALPINE cu ecran 6,4 inch si conectivitate bluetooth / iPad;
AUDIO SYSTEM: ALPINE DVD MULTIMEDIA SYSTEM with 6.4 inch screen and Bluetooth/iPad connectivity;
16. Sistem audio 4.1 (2 boxe fata, 2 boxe spate, subwoofer);
Audio system 4.1 (two front speakers, two rear speakers, subwoofer);
17. Paravan cu TV 4 split / subsiteme 4 screen, LG 42 inch CINEMA 3D Smart TV, glisant;
Partition with 4 Split TV / 4 screen subsystems, LG 42 inch CINEMA 3 D Smart TV, sliding;
18. Monitor plafon de 19 inch, rabatabil (montat in partea din spate);
19 inch ceiling monitor, folding (mounted on the rear side);
19. GPS cu functie redare camera mers inapoi cu infrarosu;
GPS with reversing camera function with infrared;
20. Tableta iPad air (new generation);
IPad air tablet (new generation);
21. Frigider Waeco;
Waeco fridge;
22. Sistem de comunicare cu soferul (Interfon);
Communication system with the driver (interphone);
23. Minibar;
24. Lampi pentru iluminat, individuale, ornamentale, cu brat reglabil;
Lamps for lighting, individual, ornamental, with adjustable arm;
25. Spot si profil luminos la urcare;
Spot and light profile at the entrance;
26. Sistem video de monitorizare trafic fata – spate cu posibilitate de vizionare pe TV 4 Split;
Video system for traffic monitoring front – rear with possibility to view on TV 4 Split;
28. Baterie suplimentara;
Extra battery;
29. Sursa de alimentare continua cu 220 V;
Continuous source power supply with 220 V;
30. Heblu electronic;
Electronic main switch;
31. Sistem gestiune a comenzilor prin intermediul iPad / iPhone;
Management of the system through the tablet / iPhone;
32. Geamuri duble cu exterior suprainaltat;
Double windows with raised exterior;
33. Parbriz superior;
Superior window above the windscreen;
34. Folie protectie sporita UV Llumar AIR 80 pentru parbrizul superior;
UV protection foil increased Llumar AIR 80 for the superior window above the windscreen;
35. Folie protectie sporita UV Global QDP 05 pentru luneta;
UV protection foil increased Global QDP 05 for the large rear window;
36. Spoilere caroserie partea inferioara;
Bodywork spoilers at the lower area;
37. Ornamente caroserie partea superioara;
Trims on the upper part;
38. Capac spate cu translatie verticala;
Rear panel with vertical translational;
39. Cala bagaje coborata;
Deep small luggage space;
40. Pregatire pentru montaj carlig de remorcare;
Preparation for trailer hook mounting;
41. Mecanism electric de actionare a usii culisante Autocool;
Autocool electric drive mechanism for the sliding door;
42. Jante si manere exterioare cromate;
Chrome rims and exterior handles;
43. Vopsire metalizata;
Metallic painting;
44. Vopsire metalizata oglinzi retrovizoare exterioare;
Metallic additional painting for the outside rearview mirrors;
45. Kit suspensie pneumatica spate;
Rear Air Suspension.
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