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About us
Thomas Trucks is a company that specializes in Import & Export of heavy commercial vehicles, trailers, and machinery. Thomas Trucks offers a wide choice of used trucks, like DAF, MAN, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Scania and Iveco.

Thomas Trucks arose from a good dose of dedication and years of experience in this market. From young for the Western details European market to the so-called export equipment you have come to the right place.

Based in the industrial area "The Weitzelpoort" Vriezenveen, we bring the market together with a thorough and common stock. With great satisfaction of our customers.

All new trucks come as quickly as possible on the internet and all trucks sold are consequently removed.
This way is best tried the website up to date "to keep you as a customer may assume that the conscious truck or the like is actually on the premises. But there are always exceptions. For a current status like call.
With our own licensed RDW Thomas Trucks proxy as to safeguard, perform and ascription of vehicles. All export documents as EX1 and Export License we make ready while you wait. Rates for shipping we give to you up to date, as we speak

Come visit us for an informal visit.

Also please feel free to offer us your used equipment: info@thomastrucks.nl we are constantly looking for used equipment.

We hope you enjoy during your visit to our site, and hopefully there at the right occasion for you. If not, please let us know.
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Thomas Nijhuis
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Netherlands, Overijssel, Vriezenveen, Bedrijfsweg 16
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MEUSBURGER Mega, Schräglader, Max. 4.800 mm unter Plane, Ladung Zertifikat curtain side semi-trailer
€25,900 USD ≈ $27,930
Curtain side semi-trailer
Load cap. 29920 kg Volume V=159.76 m³ Suspension air/air
Year 2013-06-21 Mileage Power
Netherlands, Vriezenveen
SCANIA R730 6x2, NCH - Retarder - "King off the Road" cable system truck
Cable system truck
Load cap. 14180 kg Euro Euro 5 Suspension spring/spring
Year 2013-02-14 Mileage 619000 km Power 730 HP
Netherlands, Vriezenveen
LAG ABS, - 3 Comp, 13.000 / 3.000 / 7.000, Pomp / Telwerk tanker trailer
€4,250 USD ≈ $4,584
Tanker trailer
Load cap. 18470 kg
Year 1987-04-02 Mileage Power
Netherlands, Vriezenveen
NETAM-FRUEHAUF ANCR 28-218 A container chassis trailer
€3,250 USD ≈ $3,505
Container chassis trailer
Load cap. 22070 kg
Year 2000-04-07 Mileage Power
Netherlands, Vriezenveen
BROSHUIS Energieketting / Kolibri ketting (Voor Tripple 35 Mtr ) other hydraulic spare part for truck
€30 USD ≈ $32.35
Other hydraulic spare part
Year Mileage Power
Netherlands, Vriezenveen
RENDERS 55 M3, Kipper Compressor, (Combi) Blower, Steering Axles tipper semi-trailer
Tipper semi-trailer
Load cap. 32180 kg
Year 2008 Mileage Power
Netherlands, Vriezenveen
VOLVO FH460 Glob, 9.0 Ton Vooras, 580 Dkm. Nwe APK tractor unit
€29,500 USD ≈ $31,820
Tractor unit
Load cap. 12414 kg Euro Euro 5 Suspension spring/air
Year 2013 Mileage 580000 km Power 469 HP
Netherlands, Vriezenveen
KAISER 2-axle Low loader, with Ramps, Hydro-Winch, S 380 2F low bed semi-trailer
€10,500 USD ≈ $11,320
Low bed semi-trailer
Load cap. 28590 kg
Year 1997-01-13 Mileage Power
Netherlands, Vriezenveen
SCHMITZ CARGOBULL SCF 24 G EURO multi, 45 Highcube container chassis semi-trailer
€5,400 USD ≈ $5,824
Container chassis semi-trailer
Load cap. 33190 kg
Year 2007-03-17 Mileage Power
Netherlands, Vriezenveen
FRUEHAUF Schuifzeil, Schuifdak, Kooi-aap, Hardhouten Vloer curtain side semi-trailer
€9,850 USD ≈ $10,620
Curtain side semi-trailer
Load cap. 31940 kg
Year 2001-03-16 Mileage Power
Netherlands, Vriezenveen
DAF 75 Terrein Terminal, Dockspotter Hydraulische Hefschotel, Aut. s tractor unit
€5,750 USD ≈ $6,201
Tractor unit
Year 2020-03-23 Mileage 140250 km Power
Netherlands, Vriezenveen
DAF 75 (LPG/GAS) Dockspotter Hydraulische Hefschotel, Aut. sluiting terminal tractor
€5,750 USD ≈ $6,201
Terminal tractor
Year 01/2000 Mileage 9780 m/h Power
Netherlands, Vriezenveen
NETAM-FRUEHAUF Foodtruck / Mobiel Cafetaria -Lunchroom / Food Truck (B/E rijbew closed box semi-trailer
€15,500 USD ≈ $16,720
Closed box semi-trailer
Year 1999-05-05 Mileage Power
Netherlands, Vriezenveen
NOOTEBOOM OVB-48-03V, Extandeble: 21.65 Mtr, ABS, 3 x Powersteered, Twist flatbed semi-trailer
€10,750 USD ≈ $11,590
Flatbed semi-trailer
Load cap. 36700 kg
Year 2000-02-25 Mileage Power
Netherlands, Vriezenveen
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