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Truck tractor MAN 19.414
1999 Year
12 Nov 2019
4.0 Price
4.0 Reliability
4.0 Maintenance
4.0 Operation
4.0 Convenience
We bought this machine 7 years ago. The first owner didn't drive it very carefully, so we had to fix it afterwards. Then my brother started driving it. Over the course of four years, there were a few minor repairs, but there were no serious breakdowns, considering that the machine is not new. Pay attention to the quality of the fuel. I can also note that the engine starts easily in severe cold weather.
Truck tractor Volvo FH440
2006 Year
7 Nov 2019
5.0 Price
5.0 Reliability
5.0 Maintenance
5.0 Operation
5.0 Convenience
A decent truck just like any other Volvo. The only advice I can offer is to replace the hydraulic hoses on this model. I have reached out to mechanics multiple times without purchasing a new hose or tube. I have managed to roll the hoses of the automatic transmission on the tractor, and everything works fine. I highly recommend it to you as well.
Truck tractor MAN
2015 Year
25 Oct 2020
3.0 Price
1.0 Reliability
1.0 Maintenance
4.0 Operation
4.0 Convenience
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Volvo FH truck tractor Volvo FH €29,900 Truck tractor 02/2018 679500 km Germany, DU