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Average score of Scania
2 reviews
4.0 Price
4.0 Reliability
4.0 Maintenance
4.5 Operation
4.5 Convenience
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Truck tractor Scania L114
28 Sep 2020
4.0 Price
5.0 Reliability
3.0 Maintenance
4.0 Operation
4.0 Convenience
I had to drive the Scania L114 for 2 years. Overall, it is a good truck. The engine is powerful, but it has a 14-liter capacity. Therefore, it is difficult to call the machine economical. The cabin is quiet and comfortable. The sleeper seemed a bit cramped. We had to replace the brushes on the generator once and paid a considerable amount for it.
Truck tractor Scania L124
23 Jun 2020
4.0 Price
3.0 Reliability
5.0 Maintenance
5.0 Operation
5.0 Convenience
We bought the Scania 124 based on recommendations. There are no questions about its technical specifications. However, a few weeks ago, we noticed that the cabin had shifted to the left and started rubbing against the plastic. A noticeable gap appeared on the left side. We found this strange because we hadn't been involved in any accidents, and we take good care of the vehicle. The service center discovered that the silent blocks had been improperly installed. They quickly resolved this issue at the service center.
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