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Average score of Mercedes-Benz
31 reviews
4.3 Price
4.4 Reliability
4.2 Maintenance
4.6 Operation
4.7 Convenience
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Passenger van Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 515
29 Nov 2019
4.0 Price
2.0 Reliability
2.0 Maintenance
4.0 Operation
4.0 Convenience
Bought a Sprinter 515 for passenger transport according to an ad. Maybe I was unlucky, but already after 2 months of daily work, the leaf springs gave out first, followed by the front suspension and stabilizer bushings simultaneously after a week. After a comprehensive repair, I was expecting another unpleasant surprise - the engine liner spun. I decided that I've had enough of colossal expenses, so I hurried to sell the car. Most likely, the model is not to blame here. I just happened to come across an unscrupulous seller.
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