Kennis 14.000-R loader crane

Kennis 14.000-R loader crane
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Brand:  Kennis
Model:  14.000-R
Type:  loader crane
Year of manufacture:  2000
Location:  Netherlands 's-Hertogenbosch
Placed on:  more than 1 month
Seller stock ID:  K820
Condition:  used

More details — Kennis 14.000-R loader crane

Track width: 1300 mm
Capacity: 14 tm
Arm length: 6 mtr
Tyres: 4 inch
Service: Hendel

= More information =

Number of cylinders: 2
Damages: none
Spurbrete: 1300 mm
Kapazität: 14 tm
Armlänge: 6 mtr
Reifen: 4 inch
Bedienung: Hendel

= Weitere Informationen =

Zylinderzahl: 2
Schäden: keines
Antal cylindere: 2
Número de cilindros: 2
Daños: ninguno
Nombre de cylindres: 2
Dommages: aucun
Spoorbreedte: 1300 mm
Capaciteit: 14 tm
Armlengte: 6 mtr
Banden: 4 inch
Bediening: Hendel

= Meer informatie =

Aantal cilinders: 2
Schade: schadevrij
Liczba cylindrów: 2
Uszkodzenia: brak
Número de cilindros: 2
Danos: nenhum
Количество цилиндров: 2
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