BENALU kipper 70 M3 tipper semi-trailer

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Net price
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Gross price
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Model kipper 70 M3
Type tipper semi-trailer
First registration 1989-03-30
Volume 70061 m³
Load capacity 26410 kg
Gross weight 34000 kg
Net weight 7590 kg
Location Netherlands EDE GLD
Placed on Feb 04, 2020
Seller stock ID NP0245
Number of axles 3
Rear axle
Brakes drum
Condition used
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## More options and accessories

- Backdoors

Alu chassis and alu loading platform
Hydraulic / electric control

Brakes: drum brakes
Suspension: air suspension
Dimensions of cargo space: 1245 x 249 x 226 cm
Tipper: Back
Zadní dveře
## Weitere Optionen und Zubehör

- Hintentür

Alu chassis und alu plattform
Hydraulische / elektrische Steuerung

Bremsen: Trommelbremsen
Federung: Luftfederung
Abmessungen des Laderaums: 1245 x 249 x 226 cm
Kipper: Hinten
## Flere valgmuligheder og mere tilbehør

- Bagdøre

Bremser: tromlebremser
Affjedring: luftaffjedring
Mål for lastrum: 1245 x 249 x 226 cm
Tiplad: Tilbage
## Más opciones y accesorios

- Puertas traseras

Alu chassis and alu loading platform
Hydraulic / electric control

Frenos: frenos de tambor
Suspensión: suspensión neumática
Dimensiones espacio de carga: 1245 x 249 x 226 cm
Volquete: Trasera
## Plus d'options et d'accessoires

- Porte de derriére

Alu chassis / alu plate forme
Commande hydraulique / électrique

Freins: freins à tambour
Suspension: suspension pneumatique
Dimensions espace de chargement: 1245 x 249 x 226 cm
Kipper: Arrière
Hátsó ajtók
Sportelli posteriori
## Aanvullende opties en accessoires

- achterdeuren

Alu chassis en een alu laadbak
Hydraulisch / elektrisch bediending

Remmen: trommelremmen
Vering: luchtvering
Afmetingen laadruimte: 1245 x 249 x 226 cm
Kipper: Achter
## Więcej opcji i akcesoriów

- Drzwi tylne

Hamulce: hamulce bębnowe
Zawieszenie: zawieszenie pneumatyczne
Wymiary ładowni: 1245 x 249 x 226 cm
Wywrotka: Tył
Porta traseira
## Дополнительные опции и оборудование

- Задние двери

Тормоза: барабанные тормоза
Подвеска: пневматическая подвеска
Размеры грузового отсека: 1245 x 249 x 226 cm
Самосвал: Сзади
Zadné dvere
Arka kapılar
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Product description

Offer from "JB Trading bv" company:
BENALU kipper 70 M3 tipper semi-trailer, used, registered in 1989, price: €7,750 (Net price).
Tipper semi-trailer has a load capacity of 26410 kg, gross weight is 34000 kg, net weight - 7590 kg, volume - 70061 m³.
You can contact the seller via email or by phone. Feel free to ask the seller any questions about anything concerning the purchase, payment, and delivery.
Tipper semi-trailer location - Netherlands, Gelderland, EDE GLD, 6716AK, MARCONISTRAAT 20. The company's venue can be viewed on Google Street View.
Any semi-trailer parts are also for sale: axles, beam springs, wheel hubs, leaf springs, EBS modulators.
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